One short on treasure chest

The chest when doing levels would equal items plus recruits that last couple of days all of mine are one short… is anyone else experiencing this?

It’s only the Special Event doing this… pic below both normal and advanced have been doing this.


As you can see the treasure says 20 but only 19 items and recruits added together. Have you experienced this @Revelate

There has been a thread on this - totally normal, oddly. I think that with the events/quests there is almost always one missing.

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Didn’t know that, thanks…

Yup I’ve gotten it too, noticed it a while back on the Recruits II quest which I almost always do regardless of token… explicitly when I haven’t gotten a token it’s off, didn’t check when I did get a token haha.

As Sleeper suggests, I’ve never ever seen it on my map farming in any of the stats that I did, it always matched (thankfully, if I’d had to count items every single time it would’ve truly sucked), but it appears to come up in quests and apparently now events too.

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