One Pair of Gloves:. Li Xiu, Melendor or Triton?

My regular team is Boldtusk 4,45;. Sartana 4,70 (need 3 Tabards); Sonya (fully leveled);. Wu Kong (fully leveled) and Azlar 4, 45 (with all ascension mats waiting). I am having a grand time with this team.

Li Xiu is at 3,55, Melendor at 3,45 and Triton is at 3,70.

I have started leveling Boril while I wonder. Scarlett is waiting patiently for her turn.

I notice that while Wu is fun for Titans & raids, Li Xiu might give me more actual damage. Melendor would make a rainbow team if I switched him in instead of Boldtusk. Triton is a redundant blue (I love Sonya’s debuff) but his healing is handy.

What would YOU do???

Thank you!!!

Gandalf the Green and Boldie are a cool healing team. Massive att up, debuff and lots of health.

I personally prefer to level up healers first.


Li Xiu is not as good on offense as defense team. On offense the timing is usually they fire all their specials and then Li Xiu fires at a team that just spent their specials, so no reduction in mana.

However on defense she has the huge advantage of waiting until the attack has a flurry combo and everyone is 100% mana and then she fires and takes everyone down killing a big special attack.

I’d go Melendor, you’ll want him maxed.

I say this while having 2 fully leveled Li Xiu, that I don’t use at all. I had no better yellows at one point and wasn’t patient.


Tritons special is a nice add on helping to sustain, so I’d go for him second. Li often only delays dying for 1 or 2 turns. Shes an ok tank, but not very helpful in the long term.

Since Melendor does the same debuff as Sonya, Melendor seems to be a good choice for you. Having a rainbow defense makes it harder to stack against.

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I would go Melendor for Wu. I love Wu as a wild card or last resort but not regular rotation except titans. Those are some great hitters if you can keep them alive with those healers. Also I don’t like Triton much. His special is a pita. Do you set him off before A healer like BT and lose the attack buff of after and lose the healing buff. Triton is probably my 4th team blue.


What do you care most about:

  • Raid/War defense?
  • Raid/War offense?
  • Titans?
  • Events, Seasonals and Rare Quests?

I would say with that roster to ascend Melendor first. A 2nd healer will be huge for different events and map. I have not used triton, but i would recommene leveling li Xiu to 3-60 and ascending her with next set of gloves.

Her damage is weak, but with where i assume your cups are ranging she would be great for your defense team. Lower tier raiding li Xiu can be a real pain for opponents. Her ability is useful offensivly as well.

Best of luck, team looks good

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@Garanwyn hmm …I enjoy challenge & special events the most. Loathe raids but they are necessary for better loot (supposedly). I enjoy Titans & wars because I love the teamwork. My goal has always been to be useful to my Alliance. I will never be a top player (unless everyone leaves). I pulled all of my 4 & 5 stars (except 2 Wu’s) since Christmas so I still feel like a pretty new player. I have 4 fully leveled teams with 4 heroes in my top 2 teams still leveling up. I understand your question but I am still new enough that I am not sure of the answer…

My cups are averaging around 1700. I am not great at Raids. On Titans I am averaging a B & level VI or VII. My alliance is defeating 5* Titans regularly & breaking into 6s and losing at 7s. We have a full roster of 30 players, don’t have a cup minimum and welcome & mentor new players. We are growing together & I consistently rank at 10-12. I have a heart for the game but I’m not great at it :slightly_smiling_face:

@Joyful818 This is a bit off-topic to your original question but may help avoid confusion in any future posts. A fully leveled 4* is usually refered to as 4-70, at next to last tier 3-60. Likewise, a 5* fully leveled is a 4-80, while next to last tier, a 3-70.

A bit of an ancillary issue, but nearly all posters use this nomenclature. Happy Hunting :wink:

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@badassninjadad thank you!!! I am slowly learning and really appreciate the guidance!!!

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That’s a perfectly reasonable place to be in :slight_smile: There’s not a right or wrong answer per se. But the heroes you list present some real tradeoffs in where they work best, so if there were some facet in particular that you were more focused on, it would color my advice.

Some comments:

  • Li Xiu will give you much less damage output than Wu Kong.

Her real strength is her AOE mana cut, which is great for delaying enemy specials. She really shines on defense as a tank or flank, where her mana cut can really hurt an enemy trying to build up specials.

  • Triton is one of the hardest-hitting 4* in the game, and has a special that is most useful for PvE content.

He really suffers in situations where he can’t be coordinated time-wise with healing. I wouldn’t use him in a defense team because of this. But he’s great for tough titans or seasonal/event bosses.

  • Melendor is fragile as a healer, but his tile damage is great, and his dispel is very useful

That said, though, BT is markedly more survivable than Melendor. His special is also harder for the enemy to work around. An enemy can delay activating buffs if Melendor is about to fire. But it’s much harder to manage around BT’s buff. So BT is a much better defense team member than Melendor. I much prefer Melendor on offense than on defense.

  • Boril is incredibly useful for Seasonal/Event content

Many sasonal and event bosses use AOE damage. Activate Perfect Riposte at the right time, and you’ll wreck an AOE damage dealer. Boril is good for defense at your level, but starts to suffer as you move up in raid/war difficulty because eventually, everyone has a dispeller that they can use to counter him.

So my advice is this:

  1. For your blues, level Boril, then Triton. Boril will be more useful to you right now, while Triton will start to shine a bit later.

  2. Wu Kong for offense teams and titans over Li Xiu. He may be random, but he’ll far outstrip Li Xiu in terms if damage.

  3. Defense team goal: BT-Li Xiu-Boril-Sartana-Azlar. This places your reds as far apart and as shielded from tiles as possible. The strong coor against Boril is also weak against them, giving attackers a really tough dilemma as to how to stack. Your front 3 are a strong team of delaying the enemy and punishing them for hitting you with tiles.

  4. Gloves go to Li Xiu

Detailed offense advice is probably a bridge too far here.


Raids for special loot…

I find that to be false

I have averaged a little more than 1 unfarmable a month in platinum (8 in 6 months) and finally made it to diamond and over the last 11 days only 1 unfarmable so not much better than platinum.

Anyone have any better results to share on loot in raids? I’m not seeing it.

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Thank you so much to everyone who responded!!! I am more confused than ever, especially since the next morning I woke up to an offer with gloves and now have two pair. So for now I’m focusing on bringing Boril up and waiting to see if the gloves attract more gloves. Maybe if I put the two pair in a drawer they’ll reproduce :laughing:. I can dream can’t I??? Thank you all again!!!
:bouquet: :cake: :coffee:


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