One of these farms are not like the others

I recently move some buildings around. And then this started to happen. The propeller from the farm moves to the training camp. I can fix it by relocating them with each other. But when I bring the game up again it happens again. I have tried leveling them up but it still happens.


You should submit a ticket to support

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Huh super hidden training camp ! I would like have it aswell :slight_smile:

It should train hero Piggies that produce super-ham!


I have the same issue. I submitted Ticket about it weeks ago but nothing has been fixed.

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This graphics glitch has been around a while. Sometimes the windmills disappear from farms, or appear on other buildings they shouldn’t. Definitely weird and something SG should fix, but it doesn’t affect gameplay.

The last time I saw this bug mentioned, at the time there seemed to be some degree of correlation between it and using two different E&P accounts on the same device.

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This only happened to me when I was playing on two accounts on one device. Never any other time. Just a data point.

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Let me guess: you play more than one account on this device? When I ran both my main and alt on one device, I had this glitch all the time. Do now I play my main only my iPad and my alt only on my iPhone, and the problem has disappeared.


That could be it. I do have two accounts. Thanks for the info.

Hi guys
Some of my buildings like Training camps have appeared with windmills on them… mines too. I have tried relocating the buildings and it fixes them temporarily… but after logging out and back in they keep reappearing. Also lots of lagging in game play… extremely slow reaction times… board acts like it cant cope… with demand.
Can we fix this??? Version 17.1… on android

Based upon my internet research what you’re describing sounds more like a feature than a bug.

Thank you for letting me know about it. Unfortunately I’m not using an android device currently. I wonder if others with android are seeing this… is your android device an older model or a newer model? Have you closed out background apps? It sounds like this could be a result of not having enough free RAM on the device. But ya know I’m obviously not sure by any means. Best of luck with your new feature (and associated lagginess :frowning: )

excitedly waits for windmills on forge to speed up the forging process

Did you see the post two above yours?

Admittedly this is really a fix, but a hack-around. Nor does it address your lagginess issues. Reboot the phone?

When you relocate the building the bug disappears.
It is like a year old glitch…
If you have the same buildings at the same places on both (all) accounts it won’t appear.
It is more fun than it is any problem.

Windmills above farms? So I take it you’re not a fan? :rofl:


…I’ll get my coat and be on my way.

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I got this on my second account’s base. On both a mine and a training camp !

(Not pictured: another farm without its windmill.)
Imagine if this visual glitch become canon to the universe…

And it lives on…PNG
Windmill sails on a mine.

Maybe modern, gas powered meatmills and a nature friendly mine. Nice glitches :sunglasses:


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