One of our teams disappeared during war!

When war started each side had 11 players. Now we only have 10 players on our side. No one left our alliance, and it doesn’t say “ex-member”, we literally only have 10 teams on the field while our opponent still has 11.

With only 11 participants, surely it isn’t that hard to find out who is missing? The chat function, recently, frequently seems to be forgetting to notify me of various comings and goings.

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Does consuming a war defense hero remove the team? I can’t remember…

I don’t think this is an option and you will get a notification telling you that you cannot consumer certain hero because they are in warteam.
But I am not 100% sure about this.

Your defence is setup during the preparation phase and is fixed as soon as the war begins. Those heroes in that team can be used by you once for offensive attacks but remain available for attack on the defence regardless of what happens to them on offense.

Lol… I don’t think that’s what @LucasDaoc is asking.

I don’t know if accidentally consuming a hero in your defense team, removes your team from the battlefield. I thought those heros were locked until the war was over? I’m also not game enough to try it out, to confirm this theory - perhaps someone else knows: @zephyr1 or @littleKAF or… (can’t tag fellow players who might be counting :wink:)
will know.

I’m sure you get an alert asking if you really want to consume a hero on your defense team - surely :woman_shrugging:?

I’m not sure, but I do notice this:

If you are part of an Alliance and have been placed in Spectator Mode, it could because of the following reasons:

  • Your defense team is empty: You emptied your defense team by sacrificing the Heroes on your defense team.
  • If you have fewer than 5 Heroes in your War defense team.


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Had someone in a war not that long ago only have 4 players on the filed! They still had the hero that was missing in there team on there defence.
They didn’t log in till war started and couldn’t take part because they was removed from it.
Still don’t know what happend as they war all the time and hadn’t change anything to there team! :woman_shrugging:

Actually I’ve read it again and maybe my response was not quite clear. Any member of your static AW defense team is available for attacks and like other heroes can be used but once. It makes no difference if those same heroes die on attacks, they will still be your defense. EDIT: for clarity, once your defense team is killed, it respawns; it matters not if they have died/survived and can’t be reused for attack.

Seriously? It makes no difference if they die on the battlefield, they still remain alive (until respawned after total defeat by an attack) in your defense team, They can get flipped three times and they are still your defense long after you used them on attack just the once (until death or defeat or victory).

Sorry, I’m not sure what this in response to.

“Sacrificing” your heroes in the text you quoted refers to using them to train/feed another hero.

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My bad then. A feeder hero is a dead one. The gods of choice can’t undo that one.

Back to my original question, but I think I know what happened. I just remembered we had a first timer in war and during the prep phase they only had three heroes on their war defense team. I reminded them to fill out their team but they probably didn’t before war started and their team got booted as a result.


I’m sure that must be that cause, that makes total sense.

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