One of my heroes don't have the mark talent grid

A 3* hero, who is fully ascent, doesn’t show the talent grid bottom. I put the print screen to see for yourself. Does anyone has the same issue?

The heroes special needs to be 8/8.
It’s currently 6/8.


Her skill is only 6/8. She needs to be fully maxed with her skill at 8/8.

SG has quadrupled the % chance of improving that skill. Try feeding her one or two and when it reaches 100% level her up.

It’ll improve quite quickly now!


I tried to feed mine, but after five 2* heroes nothing changed. It is still 6/8 with no possibility to improve :frowning:
Any sugestion?

That’s a very good information. Thanks

When you tried to feed it what did the percentage say? You may want to wait until you have 10 of the same colour of the hero and then try again. Don’t level it up until it actually says 100%.

Let us know if that works!

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