One of my alliance members cannot get back into his main account

One of my alliance members phone melted and he was without a phone for 12 days…when he came back it was with a 1* team, the issue is his main account is still in our alliance and he cannot access it . I Need advice so I can get him back into his main account …Thank you !! Plenty of advice was given in our alliance itself , hoping someone here may have a solution we all have not thought of …Any help is much appreciated!!

While I sympathize, unfortunately, I think your friend will need to contact SGG directly. As this is a player community, people here can’t help with this type of problem. Unfortunately, it’s also a bad time of year as while SGG is still addressing issues, they do have a lighter staff right now due to holidays.

I hope they can get this resolved soon! Here is a link to support.


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