One more spot in Strange Circles come help us with 11* titans

Hello! We are “Strange Circles”

We are looking to add mid level player who likes to hit titans and hang out with good people. War if you want, opt out if you want. Use the coordinated tank color. Pick your own targets and have fun.

We use discord (optional) for additional communication . We enforce titan participation and will kick a member after 4days of inactivity without communicating an absence. The only other rule is that we expect decency and respect towards other members. Come check us out.


Recently joined this alliance, was my first alliance too after months of solo play. Can highly recommend for anyone in my situation, or in any situation for that matter! Very friendly, positive, encouraging, knowledgeable… and with just the right amount of strange sprinkled on top!

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Pilcho we are very happy you decided to join us.

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If you’re looking to get better and make some friends come check us out.

We are starting to string together 10* titans. If your ready to join a very supportive and friendly group check us out.


Here’s our current recruitment ad. We are a global English speaking alliance. Most members are from the US. Feel free to pop in and check us out.


If your ever looking for a mid level alliance we’d love to have you.

Fun bunch in this group. If you like chat and titan smacking, you’ll like these peeps. Stop in and say hey.

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One more spot open. Come on in and check us out.

We need one more active and friendly player for our team.

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