One more chat room for advertisers

It’s unable to communicate and talk with people in general chat room. Too lot of those who post “join our alliance” messages.
Please, make one more chat room for this guys so other people could enjoy talking with each other.

Thank You

There is a room for that.

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Wich one? I see only general room and Alliance room.
General room is full of spam.

Alliance recuitment chat.

When you have the chat screen up there is a gear in the uper left corner.

Ok, now I see)) thanks. But how to force all the jerks to write there and not to spam in general room?)))))

And alliance recruitment is over run with people who just sit in there all day and chat, who are already in alliances and not looking to join…so you can’t win no matter what you do. Don’t worry, once that ad rolls by you can resume pretending to be cats, casting spells at each other, sexting and whatever other junk goes on in general chat these days


I feel you. I just now created a new topic. I hope they read it.

“Can we add a feature to where we can do private messages to people in our Alliance? There are things I want to say to people in the Alliance without the entire group listening in. Also would like to personally thank the top Titan attacker. Or, if they aren’t pulling their weight you can make them aware by asking for more assistance or sending a personal regret for kicking them.
Anyway, that is a small feature that really needs to be added to everybody’s profile (promote, kick and message). “

I say the following as a player, not a Mod:

The existing rooms are these, and should be used as follows:

GC - General Chat - New players and old, chat about the game, some silliness allowed (provided it doesn’t violate chat rules)

AR - Alliance Recruitment - Ads and information about joining an alliance (GC, PS, OT not allowed)

PS - Peer Support - Help for players who have questions (GC, AR, OT not allowed)

OT - Off-Topic - Non-game discussions (GC, AR, PS generally not allowed; AR and role play immediately blocked)

In theory, if players pick the correct room for their needs and don’t violate each room’s purpose, everyone is happy, but in practice all manner of roleplay, bullying, sexting etc has been seen in GC, with players bleeding over into the other rooms. AR is overrun with general chat and is forced to advertise all over. PS is close to its role, with some bleed-over, and Off-Topic seems to be run by a clique (though the rigid blocking is all that keeps order there).

I don’t think a new room will solve anything. I think people need to use the right rooms for the right purposes; if they just want general chat—but don’t like GC—let them make their own chats on Line, as many have.


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Mostly agree.

Wouldn’t say you aren’t allowed to chat at all in any room other than GC and OT though. I’m mostly in PS myself and there are 4 reasons why I don’t mind a little chatter there.

  1. If there is no chatter there, it will instantly be spammed to hell with recruitment messages. If there is a conversation going on some still do so, but it definitely seems to be less.
  2. It keeps people there, if I’d only be allowed to answer questions but not talk to anyone there then the fun is quickly gone and I’ll stop going to that room altogether (no also not go to another) - which means you miss out on people helping.
  3. Quite often the chats are about the game/mechanics anyways, plenty of people have said they learned a great deal from simply lurking (which is good, not everyone dares to step in and ask, or knows the right questions to ask).
  4. Whatever conversation is going on at whatever time, I’ve never seen anyone ask a game question in the middle of the conversation that was left unanswered. I happily answer any question there no matter the conversation I’m in - I’m there to help mainly, but like to pass the time in between the questions :slight_smile:

As I said - I mostly agree though!


Yeah, PS is currently my favorite room, as I think it embodies the spirit of the original GC when I joined months ago.

Also agree with your comment about providing presence so that it isn’t taken over by others who aren’t interested in the room. I can respect that. :wink:

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I am guilty of putting ads in GC and OT and will continue to do so until the recruitment room becomes what it is meant to be…a room to recruit in and not sit there all day and chat. When o can go into recruitment and see people in there that need alliances and are placing ads and not clogging it up with random banter, then I will stop posting ads in GC and OT.

Pot calling the kettle black then are ya?

If you make every room recruitment room, then people might as well go and chat in the recruitment room as there’s barely anything that differentiates it from the others. They arent using it for the right purpose so you won’t use the others for the right purpose - seems to me like you’re part of the problem :slight_smile: . (depends obviously, if you don’t spam standard recruitment messages then its different).

Don’t get me wrong, i’m against that - but i am also very much against your recruitment ads in the other rooms and would probably block you for them. Glad you don’t do it in peer support :rofl:

I would love to be able to recruit in the recruitment room. What else are you supposed to do though when the recruitment room isn’t being used for the right thing. These rooms need chat mods to get people using them for the purpose they are intended. I spent a riveting several hours in there yesterday and watched them bicker with some guy named mango, chat about random crap and anything else that didn’t have to do with recruiting. In all the time I was in there I saw 1 person looking for an alliance, but please, let me know where else to go to try to find recruits and I will gladly go there.

I’d personally chip in there and ask them if they’re looking to recruit/for an alliance. If neither of those I’d probably ask them to take it to another room or block so I can see it more clear if a new recruit comes in.

I know i’ve blocked mango bc he spammed peer support with recruitment ads - so they might ‘hang’ there to wait for possible recruits. I know i send people that way if they’re looking for an alliance.

I personally wouldn’t mind at all if you recruit in other rooms when it pops up, if you see someone asking for an alliance or someone that’s not in an alliance you can ask normally for all I care. It is the spam ads that aren’t personal that annoy me big time and lose all empathy. Understand your frustration though, I’m not entirely sure how to tackle it bc the devs said they wouldn’t do mods. I am however sure that I dislike spamming ads regardless of what the issue is.

I hope that the gaming community hangs together on how to best administrate these rooms. We are self-governed, after all. :wink:

It is impossible to recruit there nowadays. Besides too much chatting, now there are monsters adverts that either do a public service or advert a big number of alliances, all for the purpose of informing new and medium players of alliances that will accept them. Good intentions, no doubt, but it rolls up the screen and poor recruiters just advertising their ad get thrown out of the picture. And if they post it again, they are told they are spamming.
I agree that some chatting is necessary so potential recruits can see the kind of attitude can be found in an alliance, but generally chatting ads out of screen should not happen. And those monstrous page big ads should not be allowed. Maybe there should be guidelines for how many lines an ad should have.
Either that or officially recognize there is a monopoly in advertising

I try to wait till my ad has been off the page a few minutes before posting it again. That is hardly spamming.

The large ads serve their purpose of informing newer players of their choices. I would befriend the poster(s) and get added to their ad(s).

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I find it helps to join in a bit with the chatter and keep posting your recruitment message when it is too high up. While I do agree sometimes the chatter is way too much, I usually fill a spot soon enough.

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