One-man Alliance?

Hi, all! Not that I will ever do it, but I was just curious: what happens if you create an one-man alliance and the only member is you? What will alliance war be like? Are you going to be matched with another one-man alliance, and essentially it’s just going to be a battle between you and the other guy? How about titan fights? I assume you just have to take on a 1* or 2* titan on your own?

Yes that is correct …

That sounds fun, actually. lol.

You are guaranteed a A+ performance on every titan. Although loots from a 1* titan must be horrible

You need a specific alliance score first before your alliance participates in wars. Although I don’t remember the specific number, but it’s low enough that killing your first titan will let you.
EDIT: confirmed that the alliance score required to participate is quite low but does exist: 1.10.3/1.10.4 Update & Alliance Wars Status (16 Mar)

  • Minimum alliance score to participate in the war raised to 3250

The loot for A+ against a 1* titan is:
1 + 3 = loot tier 4.

For reference, if a 7* titan escapes and you get B grade:
(7 + 1) / 2 = loot tier 4.

So yeah lol, the loot for a 1* titan is bad. Source: Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

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@Jedon would definitely be able to give Great input on this subject, if I am not mistaken he did this for quite some time. Hope you are doing well if you read this Jedon :grinning:


For war they say they allow up to three difference in participant count, but up to four has been seen. So you’ll face anywhere from five to negative three opponents :wink:


Like this one:



This thread addressed that:

(Upshot: it’s what you’d expect, you’ll get matched with other single player alliances.)

Hello my friend, as @anc1ent1 mentioned I was running (One Man Show) for about 1 year.
I had wars with either 1 man allies or multiplayers alliances with only 1 active player or others are lower than lv12 the required level to join AW.
And points were 500s! For each clear out flag.
I had Titans up to 3 stars and was able to clear dark 4 stars before 8hours left.
Its up to your skills and your roster of heroes to help you doing that.
I can confirm that loots in 1 man alliance is better than multiplayers as the player has the highest loot tier every time in every thing, but still lone wolf life aint healthy on the long range.
Have a great life you all.


Yes I create my alliance about 2 months ago and I have 2 accounts so I bring both of them in it and I got first Titan 1* then because I kill the Titan fast i get 2* and 3* and about the war your alliance have to have a minimum 3500 points to get in war so pretty much in war wad 2 team’s against 2 other team’s

I’ve been on a one-player alliance for over two months now, and while I might be matched against alliances with more than one player for wars, it seems that in all these cases, only one of the players on the opposing alliance has opted into wars. For the war that starts tomorrow, unusually, I’m fighting an alliance with 29 players. However, most of them appear to be inactive, and I suspect that what I’ll discover tomorrow is that I’m faced against one other team. Wars can be quite difficult and are usually very dependent on getting/manufacturing a decent board, since you are going against the same, usually tough team, each time, and the goal is to get a 1500 point wipe for each battle.

Regarding titans, I take down 2* titans and some 3* titans depending on the heroes I can field and the quality of the boards. However, usually, when I take down a 3* titan, I almost never have enough flags ready for the next 3* titan (or 4* titan) without using titan flasks, and I prefer not to use them. I would say I open one titan chest per week.

I’ve gotten plenty of 3* ascension items from titan loot, even on 1* titans. Perhaps the main disadvantage, loot-wise, is that it’s extremely difficult to encounter rare titans without using titan flasks. I think rare titans start with 5* titans.


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