One last letter to devs: Why I'm quitting


What about removing your credit/debit cards from your iTunes account, then at the start of each month you go to the store and buy a gift card with your monthly budget and redeem that within the game? It prevents impulsive ‘one-click’ purchasing in the game if you don’t get what you want, and means running an errand if you did want to spend further, during which you can cool off.
I don’t know if you can put a purchase block on your iTunes account or anything, never used iTunes, and I guess it could be an issue if you buy music or stuff through it.

Without wanting to sound patronising or anything, don’t be ashamed to reach out to someone if you feel the need to.


Good point thanks, it s funny how that’s the way I use to manage my iTunes account in the beginning and you do spend a lot less from it. Reaching out I know what you mean and in a roundabout way this is a form of that, this community is very strong at giving feedback whether you like it or not but mostly very sound advice.
Lol I didnt want to make this about me but probably asked for it with my post, cheers


Honestly, I don’t find the game entertaining anymore. Season 2 just reinforced many of the things I disliked about it. I haven’t spent money in a few months… I’ve been trying to find a reason to keep playing. I Don’t care for raids, wars, titans, events, or quests. I just don’t see a point in playing anymore. The game has become stale and I see it as a cash grab by the developers. Everything is geared toward buying special heroes with odds so rediculoulsy low that people throw away hundreds of dolllars.


“Do NOT spend anything on this game. In my experience of playing for about FOUR months now I haven’t gotten anything to advance me further in the game.

I’m probably about $30 - $50 in and I have nothing.

The drop rates for any hero’s worth a ■■■■ are next to nothing. The resource requirements to build your town are huge and you usually have to wait literally weeks to get anything done.

The main drive of this games creators period is to get you to spend money to gamble for a chance to get something good which you never do because of the drop rates. To be completely honest they should probably be sued and actually have their drop rates posted because of how pathetic they are.

And even if you do get something good with this game, the items require to max out stats are impossible to get as well, and with a financially weaker party. You’ll never get the items you need to level your hero’s properly.

Not worth your time or money. Gameplay is ok at best if you like doing the same mundane thing over and over again.

Big thumbs down.

Shame on you Small Giant.“

This is my current review of the game at the moment I agree with everything listed above. Something has to change with drop rates and accessibility of 4* materials to proceed. Players are blocked.


You do realise that the drop rates are posted now? They’re lousy odds, but they are posted in the summon gate and store. Just click on the ‘i’ in the blue circle at the top left to see what they are.


I wholeheartedly disagree with your assessment of the game, but if that is honestly how you feel you should delete the game and find a more enjoyable way to spend your time. Cheers :slight_smile:


With 4 months and $30 you could had your TC to lv 20, plenty of low cost gems and many tickets & daily tokens to do your daily stuffs and have a decent starter team with even some 3* troops.

Resources are not a problem with a smart building plan.

How did you use your E&P’s money?