One last letter to devs: Why I'm quitting


From what I’ve read, none of the concerns that are being brought to the table are being addressed by the developers. Something needs to change. The more I read in the forums the more my discouragement increases and my excitement for this game decreases. I find myself looking at my screen after I’ve burned my flags and going “huh, this game is starting to really suck.” I’m teetering on signing off my account and walking away. I’m tired of helping support a game that doesn’t support the community that helped build it up. It’s really frustrating.

The best way to grab their attention is to start posting more reviews on the game in the App Store.


Small Giant is simply killing the game…

If you are at wars or raids…

If another player has a Team Value with almost 1000 less than yours… sorry, but if you have only one move possible per turn… it is not possible to win… I lost without having one Special Move!!!
Not Acceptable… (The other team power was 1.025 less than my Team)

Since the last update:
The Summons are very poor… you only get the minimum…, it means Daily summon gives me 1*, Epic I got only 3*, Elemental only 3* … too bad…
Items you get after battles, chests, … too bad…
I am almost waiting for 2 months for one “fine glove”…
I waited one year for 2 Mystic Rings …
Training Camps … waiting 2 days / 100 recruits … for a 3* hero… (I think it should be a 4* or 5* only)
Sure, after about 200 training Legendary, I got 5 5* heroes, one of each color (that was luck).
But if I can’t ascend them… they are placed in my Hero Roster, because I have 4* with better stats than them…

You want money… sure… but not from me… because the money I spent so far gave me only ridiculous items and heroes… (one 4* (which I already had and several 3*))

You can say I have no luck with the game… but the problem is that all players in my alliance have the same complaints …

I will try to “have better luck” during next week… if not … Good Bye…
I started playing at August 2017. I enjoyed playing this game, but the last two months … (explained above… it is not only one raid / war… its almost all the time…)

If a player does not enjoy to play the game… he quits… and in my alliance there are several… and in global I talked about this and the answer I got is that the most players are only using chat… not playing anymore… Is this the way you want to go in the future…

The 2nd Season:
I have a “Free” Summon with “0” … ??? I have to wait 20d to summon… no comments

I think I explained what the problems of the game are right now… and hope you change it for better…

I only hope that this is not only another comment … and that someone in Small Giant take some action in order to turn this game enjoyable…

Thank you


It is working if you take inventory. It just seems like it’s not working. I have been playing for a year and a half. I have 10 5 stars fully ascended. 2 yellow, 2 purple, 3 red, 1 blue and 2
Green. That means over the course of play I received 6 scopes, 12 darts, 12 tonics, 12 Tabards, and 18 rings. 10 tome of tactics. I have another 18 five stars sitting at 3/70. I have 7 fully ascended 4’s. I need 1 more dart, 1 more scope, 2
Tabards and 2 tonics to ascend another group. Between special quests, chests, vision, they will be dropped. Now with ascension chests in season 2 may be quicker. The problem is that they are spaced out that it seems like they don’t drop.


How did you wait a year for 2 rings when 7 should have dropped in that timeframe from rare quests?


Because when you are new you can’t clear the last level.


Maybe the first 3. That leaves 4 that dropped.


The game developers really don’t care if we’re happy or not, they have new people showing up to play everyday.
There is no fairness about getting4[quote=“Ravindau, post:21, topic:2871, full:true”]
I look everywhere. All I seem to get from those mentioned is chainmail and boots. And TWO sturdy shields.

I was simply pointing out that the Titan loot is paltry.

In fact, you’re actually strengthening my argument. 5 orbs in 132 Titan kills? Sad.

-5 star fighters, nor getting stuff to ascend.
Even paying players stand a rare chance at 4-5 star players. Happy players mean more players.


After playing this game for 9 months and reaching level 37 and never ascend a 5* this are the items I have collected.

but for me to ascend an other 5* the same colour forget about it I will need another year


No, the next set comes more quickly. With a more powerful team you should be fighting bigger titans. You also should be able to complete all stages of Rare Quests; you clearly missed some 4* mats early on (as does everyone), but your team is good enough now to get them all.

Do you play every day? Your team seems less developed than I would have thought after so long. Get the important heroes up to max level.

Also, focus your development. Choose Joon or Drake and complete him, but only after you complete Wu Kong for titans. Don’t work on Khiona until you have Sartana maxed (or if you’ve decided to ascend Khiona first, at least get Sartana to 3/70).


Oh, you are not going to spend another dime? Good for you.


You can ascend 3 5* based on your materials and cards you are showing. You are also one short each on the other two colors. Just need the 3* items too (which you could have, or could have saved). Took me almost a year to get my first, not 4 months later I have 9. Cheap to play so not spending a ton.


i’m playing since january 2018. i got only one 5S, gregorian pull in july with a 300 gem elem invok

i’m full of 4s, not all ascended; cause no items

i got 2 TC20, never droped a 5S.

yeah. but im in a great alliance, so…i play with us. not for drop, my hope is gone !

maybe one day, the small giant random god will gave me an other 5S??

my Credit Card will never work for a game like this, no challenge except personal ego :sunglasses:

it’s a good game fun, but it must be played and took with detachement, otherwise…your mind will be broken


it took me 8 months to get my first 5*. 14 months of gameplay and I have 9 now, so they are out there :slightly_smiling_face:. But I feel your pain on tc20…4 months of 2 camps running full time have only given me 3x 5*.