One last letter to devs: Why I'm quitting

Sorry Tirade, it was the gist I got from your post. Happy playing wherever you are. :wink:


Hi all. Wanted to take a peek to see if much has changed. Saw someupdates etc but no season 2still. I left cause it was too repetitive …same s*%\ different smell… I want to admit this before I sign off… I really am glad I cut this game out… Kept spending money and wasting my time… I really really do not miss it! Good luck to all who are still in and to my old alliance members… hope u finally got past the top 13 and made it to the top ten!


Who is your alliance? :wink: Here’s the Current top 16:


Fantastic Alliance! # 12 cool… they just keep getting better…


We spoke with many alliance leaders today and all are of the same view. We must decline giving money to a group of devs who do not respond to their core of players that all have the same issues. For a group of intelligent people not to see and fix a problem after being told so many times. We believe your futile attempts to appease us and not address the real problems is truly a slap in the face to gamers who have stood by you and your once great game. Sadly it soon will dissapear into the wasteland of cyberspace.


Thank you for the feedback everyone, and I am sorry to hear you feel that way. I recommend reading this thread, where we have addressed the points brought up here:


What a load of crap. All these good, loyal players give good advice and still no changes. I’ve hung in there waiting for impossible level up items and NOTHING changes.

Looking at all the other players in the raid competition and their levels are 40 or 50 showing that most everyone is stuck before ascending. There is only one reason for that and its GREED. I’ve spent money on gems but never again.


I’ve been here for six months and quite a bit has changed. I’m sorry you don’t recognize it. Maybe it will become more apparent to you in the coming months. Good luck to you!


Man, you’d have hated it before (to Rooks point). Everything was a LOT harder to get. Now it’s just really hard :slight_smile:

But the Devs DO listen and they ARE trying to work with us all and make it better. But a small team of people can’t move at the pace of a 10,000 person organization…it takes time.


Fair point. But I have stuck with the game (perhaps too long but I’m hopeful) but don’t see the changes yet. I’ve played as much as I can for 3 days since my post and still not a single ascension item that I need. Since I need several that means weeks and maybe months? Doesn’t feel like change.

Coppersky once posted a number of changes that had taken place in the game since she started. I’ll look for it and if I find it, post it here.


Is there a way to check in-game on how long you have been playing? I keep wondering about that.

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At the bottom of the options screen, at least on the Android version, there’s a small square button with a rosette on it, to the left of the button to sign in and out to save the game state. This shows ingame achievements, and the date you got them, including one for completing the tutorial. It’s a safe guess that that’s close to your start date.
I don’t know if it’s the same for Apple devices, though I assume it’s similar to Android.

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Paulon, maybe not always a safe guess. I played the game for some time, then got tired about the ‘connect with Google Play’ (or something like that) popup at the start of the game and I installed Google Play. Only after that the achievements started.

If you click your icon (upper left in-game), it will list your game stats. One of those stats is # of titans defeated. Obviously, over time this number will diverge from your actual time here (since most people don’t defeat every Titan) but it will be “I’ve been here at least this long”.

(I just kept track that I started in April; that’s where my number comes from.) :wink:

There was this announcement…

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I got more ascension items when I scored a B in titan missions.

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I was wondering why the prices looked a bit different.

I say a “bit” because the only changes are a £1 drop in the 4800 and 2800 gems price. Not sure why the currency conversion has only applied to those two and not the rest.

I know some countries got hit harder by that VAT than others :confused:

This is spot on! My wife has spent a lot of money on this game, as have I. Ashame i have played for 6 months and have only received enough assention items to level up 1 player! 1 That is sad. Soecial monster chests, she has now gotten 2 to my receiving 0 . I wrote to them and the reply was, “just keep playing, they will come!” Believe I am done as well !! Have as much fun as you can while it lasts!!

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