One last letter to devs: Why I'm quitting

I had my last drop today and I’m quitting. Before I go I would like to address my reasons.

  1. Lack of acknowledgement and communication
    The first thing I did when I joined this forum was giving my full feedback. Months has passed and the game hasn’t address my issues nor changed at all. The only significant changes were the update of troops and new frustrating quests. Worse, even thought they themselves created the space for suggestion there’s no indication that they actually read it, making this all feel like an exercise in futility.

  2. Lack of content and improvement
    The game barely see any improvement nor new content. There’s no new maps, no new mechanics. There’s no fixing or improving the current state. Every change they offer, like the new quests, were sold as a game changer, but they don’t change at all the issue.

  3. Lack of transparency
    No transparency anywhere, not on roll chances, not on how skills and stats work, not on how titans are chosen. And full of hidden features and caps that they don’t disclose easily.

  4. Gems are too expensive
    I play a lot of little games of all kinds, the prices here are far higher and give very little in return. Every game has a humble 0.99 and 1.99 pack that allow you do to something with it, like buy on roll, one chest, slots and whatever. Here one roll is 4.99. One chest usually 9.99. Those are unreasonable prices for a game with so much issues.

  5. Invisible walls and progression
    You have a feel of progression when you start, but you will soon face a huge invisible wall: getting enough 4* and 5*. You need a ■■■■ load of luck to get it or a ■■■■ load of money. After you getting lucky or spending that money, welcome to the second great invisible wall: ascension items. These are even worse, the chests are way too expensive, have a horrible drop rate, there’s no way to get it other than luck.

I myself have all my character stuck, have almost full tab of heroes with no use, got nothing to lvl, I keep getting the items I do not need, such as traps, gloves and hidden blade. I do all my quests, wanted missions, get A+ often, all that effort is usually for nothing, the frustration is just too much at this point.

  1. Lack of materials
    Before when it was 6 hours per hit I could farm enough items to use on titans fight, actually I have hundreds of antidotes. After the change, my stock started to get lower. We are now using a lot more items, and even if you just farm 8-7 that’s not enough. Today I used my last antidote, now I have to face Titans without that. So all that damage I did, I can’t keep it up anymore. After using 30 energies I didn’t get a single at to make an antidote, bad luck yes, but things will only get worse. I’m not the only player in my Alliance that reached that point. And it only took so much time for me because I saved it, since I knew that time was coming.

  2. Trophies and raids
    They are useless. There should be rewards for reaching amounts, chance on items or anything really that would justify the effort. The wanted mission for it is a reward for playing it, but there’s no reward for progressing other than a score list. So more boring and useless content to repeat daily.

So I’m at this point where I got nothing to lvl, don’t have items to ascend, have a shortage of basic items to hit titans, and have to keep repeating the same boring stuff in hope that I’ll get lucky. My hope is over. All left is frustration and anger. To a point I refused to buy the promotional pack, since it would only offer a pontual progression and I would reach the great invisible wall once again.

To other fellow players, not that you need it, you have my blessing to copy, use and do whatever you want with my posts and documents. Also I apologize for the times when my frustration got the best of me (cough Rook cough Rev cough).

Wish you all the best. You guys are definitely the best part of this game. Cheers!


I’m sorry to see another active and helpful member of this community claimed by frustration, although, I can’t blame you too much, I’m teetering on the edge myself.

Sadly, these days I question if this will even be read by said devs that it’s targeting. But it’s a very solid summary of what I would consider to be the collaborative frustrations of this community. Best of luck in your future ventures.


I’m a new player here, and I have to say all of these concerns sound very very valid and they are what worries me as I continue playing the game. So I would hope the developers see this post and I will “bump” it here in hopes it happens.

I like the game, I like the idea of it, my close friend does too. We both paid a bit to get a better start and it was certainly enjoyable, but as the game slows down, what Mai said comes to view.

I would want to stick to the game longer and would want to feel like I want to invest my time and possibly a bit more cash into it.

But while it feels fine to spend some cash to support a fun game (and get some feel good faster progress in return), it feels like a bad idea to drop any money into something that will be more frustrating than rewarding. So for now, I can’t do it in good conscience.

  • Ascension Items are a #horrible# roosterblock, which would make getting a 5* hero feel quite meh. And that’s unacceptable. It should feel GOOD to get something as cool, no? It’s okay to have to wait a bit, hunt them from quests or titans, or, for instance, be building them from smaller components that are easier to gather in a new building. But the way it is done now, it’s not fun. It’s frustrating bordering on impossible with some bad luck. Not to mention if someone wanted to have more than 5 characters.

  • Climbing the ladder feels unrewarding, indeed. I reached 1000 cups. So what? All it means is it’ll be more difficult to get some free ham/iron from people now as they’re stronger here. Hurray…

  • No real rewards for progress on titans. Even the chest for 5 of them just gave me boring stuff I can get from normal locations. Doesn’t matter if I do 5* titans or 2* titans or whatnot. The loot is very uninspiring and feels the same (got more ham/iron I can’t currently use and some more rope and shields yay).

  • And for real - nothing cool for finishing the campaign? I was excited about progressing there and then I found out there’s gonna be nothing there. That’s just awful. I’m glad I know so I won’t be bitterly disappointed after the fact. It would be great if it rewarded a 5* hero or a 4* troop or a unique building unlocked or anything that would make one say OH YES I MADE IT. I was seriously sure there would be something like that there. Why should one even bother as it is now? Why should one be excited about possibly new campaign to come? I could push on further using battle items and such, but what for?

I write this feedback, too, with good intentions. My best friend is also very into the game, she got me to play it. I don’t want her to be disappointed, and she’s gonna be and it will make me sad. I analyze games more than she does, I also visit official forums so I see issues ahead of her. Right now I feel obligated to stop her from paying more money for the game, because I know she will regret it very soon when she gets to the ascension items wall and realizes that she cannot actually enjoy her new heroes she could roll.


Every new player should read thie original post by Mai prior to investing time and money into the game. This is a great writeup as to where the game currently stands. Completely accurate on all points and complaints. Not saying not to play it, but know what you are getting yourself into. If i knew know what i did t know then I would have probably moved on after a few months. The beginning is great but it slowly becomes a drag, both on your resources and on your patience.


I agree and I will not be paying for the game any longer… I am also in a great alliance but I am not sure if this is enough to keep me in the game much longer. There really has been no feedback to so many issues brought up in this forum and I guess they figure if they let people write their frustrations that will be salve enough to cure the sickness. Or not. Or they are too wrapped up in their own egos that they can’t bend. Or their marketing strategies are a failure because the people behind it either don’t know what they are doing. Or marketing is being forced down paths not really thought out well because management is trying to be a general and is frankly no good at it. Or maybe a little of all this or maybe none. Getting tired of reading all the ors? Yes that’s how I feel about the developer group. Tired of no real responses.


Yeah the lack of ascension items is discouraging. There needs to be a better balance where we are getting the items we need, but not instantly or all at once. It needs to be drip fed so that we do see some progress, at a steady rate.


It’s a real shame that no developer has taken a stance on a topic this coherent and well-written. Not to mention simply constructive in its criticism as it comes from a long-time player, it would seem.

Maybe someone should tag them? I saw in a different topic someone doing that. Though there’s not that many messages daily on these boards to think they cannot find it.

To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t feel like the right way to treat their paying customers.


I guess the reason behing it all is in the name of developers. Small Giant. As they said, they want to make big games with a small team. So they are now overwhelmed with big issues and learning by doing with too small team to handle it all fast enough for us. I still believe it will get better in future. It would be a shame to waste such a big potencial this game has!


That’s funny, because that’s been my experience; I’ve been here 3+ months and found enough ascension materials to ascend my three 4* (actually I have enough for two more green 4* if I roll them).

It HAS been drip-fed.

Maybe the problem others experience is that they pay to speed up the process, get their pretty heroes, but aren’t hitting high enough heroes to get those 5* ascension drops? Or they are hitting A+ (the 1 chance slot) and then crying when they don’t get a lot of material?

I wish everyone well, but I’m wondering if the system is working as intended… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


From my experience, higher ascension items were really quite rare. Only recently I’ve been able to get my second warm cloak (need 4), but it’s been probably 2 months waiting to get this second one. The same is for trap tools.

I have noticed some changes in getting some of these items, which is encouraging. I guess the drip feed comment was already there, probably just needed a little more drip :laughing:


I seem to be getting more ascension items, it’s just not always the right ones! But as soon as I get a 5* green that puppy’s going all the way!! :grin:


I’ve gotten three farsight telescopes in the last week or so. Too bad I don’t have any 5*!

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It comes eventually! I saved up my gems (again!) and pulled a Joon yesterday from elemental summons. I’m a very regular, addicted player, and I have everything except 1 dart and 2 orbs to ascend him to fourth tier already.


Lucky girl! Congrats!

And spoc: I’d be over the moon happy with 3 telescopes in a week, so far I’m at 1 / month and with my recent titan drop rate of 1 rare ascension item in three weeks, I’m going to be absolutely hosed trying to get anything ascended from here on out.


The lack off transapancie and ascenscion material is going me to quiett the game to.


I’m certainly not UNhappy about it, but if I got just 2 compasses I’d be able to ascend two 4*'s that are waiting for them. Ultimately, accumulating these rare items is never a bad thing.

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I agree with everything said. I am only level 24, but put a lot of effort into this game. I have an awesome Alliance. Lately I’ve begun to feel discouraged and frustrated…like I’m beating my head against the wall. Games are supposed to be fun! Not an endless source of frustration. I understand there needs to be challenge and rares and degrees of difficulty. But when that borders on impossibility, players burn out because they are no longer having fun.
I’ve actually spent some real money to get a few decent heroes, but I’m not making a habit of it. I just wanted a decent start and a chance against Titans. But they sit un-ascended because the rare items they require do not happen to me apparently. Over a month goes by and nothing. Titan loot is no help. It is pathetic. I can get the same stuff in the Provinces. And I’m talking about A and B score loot. There should be one rare included when a Titan is taken down.
And what are these magical chest quests you speak of? I actually do know…I’ve had two in the entire time I’ve played. Didn’t get much interesting there either.
Successful games need reward. Without it, or when hope is gone, they wander off and find games that make them happier.
I don’t know if devs read this forum, but they need to. I hope they do. This is a great game and doesn’t deserve the apparent lack of interest in its player base that is being shown.


I have to agree with the points raised… they mirror my own frustrations with the game.

I left (shortly) but after reading an informative post about strategy in difficult PvE battles I thought I’d try my hand and came back in… but decided to give up on a very good guild because high level Titan fights were proving too expensive for the rewards, and decided the economy is just plain too mean to justify spending money on it.

So they have me back for a little while as a non-spending player (facing the drip-feed slog for ascension items to max my stable of 4*). When they are maxed I’ll be another candidate to leave as I don’t foresee a viable way of building out a 5* team without committing to spend a lot more money (which I’m not prepared to do).

I have posted other suggestions about keeping interest by allowing (or forcing) recycling of heroes in exchange for better pull and drop rates, but it seems the game attracts a community that likes the drip-feed, because the ideas were not in any way supported.

It’s a simple concept: Reward the players for their efforts (dopamine hit) and they will continue to spend money to seek out more of those rewards. I experienced the opposite, and had my hard-earned cash I spent rewarded with random crud. No dopamine, no spend, sorry SG. If the reward rate means people will max out too early and lose interest then think of a way to keep it current - either through hero redundancy, or by some form of cycling of heroes, or resetting ladder system or whatnot. At least give the option.
(Oh… I’m there again and will probably attract the same criticism I did last time).

Or just keep it the same and continue the drip drip drip of players leaving the game to seek out ones that are a bit more generous.

It’s a pity - really classy game.


I’ve killed over 50 Titans and not gotten ONE magic orb. In fact, the total of what I’ve gotten is TWO sturdy shields since I started playing this game. And I average B or A in my alliance.

There should be better drops for killing Titans. I’m not seeing any. After 50 Titans TWO drops? That’s unacceptable.


For contrast, I’ve killed 132 Titans and had had 5 orbs. I didn’t get any of them from purchases. Maybe (a) you haven’t played long enough, (b) you are having a streak of bad luck, or c) you need to look for ascension items in more places than Titan loot drops:

  • Mystic Vision
  • Wanted chests (including the rare purple ones)
  • Quests

In my experience, I received more ascension items from Titans 6* and up, often in Grade B (your mileage may vary).


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