One hero takes out all 5 with one hit

Got to ask a question to see if this may be a bug or if this is common occurrence. I raided the below person and I was working on the tank but after about four hits to them the fire heroes mana was at 100% and he uses it killing all 5 of my heroes with just that one hit. Is this normal?

The tank (Brienne) have the best team ATK buff:
+45% ATK and further 20% each time a hero gets hitted.

The fire hero (Colen) have a high ATK stat and his special deals 180% direct dmg to every foe.

Not a bug, his defense worked perfectly.


As designed.

You dont have any ailment removers in your team so yea if you dont take him down fast enough, it’s a slaughter.

And your attack team probably isnt going to do the trick as you only have 1 reliable damager in the whole group.

Danza and wu are both gambles, unreliable in raids

Leave mel in to dispel brienne

But if u have other heros to use over wu or danza, i would. Even bane would be better in that matchup

But killing all 5 of my heroes in one hit??? I’ve faved this fire hero before and it’s neber happened. I understand the tank building up mana fir other hero’s but killing ALL of my heroes in one hit? I’m not buying that, mind you this was only four hits into the battle, it wasn’t like we were going back and forth and my heroes were weakened by hits. This just seems impossible to me.

My complaint is how did he take out all 5 of my heroes in just one hit in only four moves into the battle?

It depends on your HP, DEF and his ATK…
Maybe your heroes weren’t weakened so much but his ATK were so great that it just burned your HP trough your low DEF.

+45% +(20%x n°) and 180% damage it’s not a joke!


Frav answered that part. The brienne buff plus he hits hard anyways

Mel wu and balth aren’t exactly sturdy heros in the first place. Idk about danza but wouldnt surprise me if he’s on the soft side as well.

Ok I’ll take your guys word fir it but I just don’t see how all my heroes were taken out out with one hit and only four moves into battle. I’ve raided teams that have had over 3500 team defense and all 5 heroes and this has never happened. I know all teams are different but I just find it odd that’s all.

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You’d have to do the math. Plus his mana speed is slow, which means in those 4 moves you probably hit him with quite a few tiles to make him go off that early.

I use the upgraded version of Colen which is Azlar. When it launches, it literally changes the tide.

Colen and Azlar are glass cannons. If they are not killed in time, you will have to pay a hefty price.

Both have low defense and high offense. If they are buffed before they launch their AOE special then it makes things even worse. :joy:


Well that makes it even more odd to me then, I was hitting the tank 2 direct hits to the tank, I hit him with maybe 2 tiles total with the other 2 hits. If it happens again I’ll post again but I’ll just suck it up :grin:

Record if you can

20 characters

I just raided the same guy again, this time though when hit with the fire heroes special skill it only took some of the damage off of my heroes, didn’t take out all 5. I didn’t get a chance to use any of my heroes special skills at the time so I didn’t have any defense up. I’m going to chalk up the first one to maybe a glitch.

Read the description of Colen (red hero). It says that he inflicts 180% of damage to all your heroes. Plus, if green Brienne fired before, his attack was increased by at least 45%, or more if there were other your hits in between their specials. Take Colen attack at the level he is in the defense team and calculate the production. It might be higher than health of any your hero.
Without Brienne’s special Colen won’t kill all your team immediately, but will burn them in next 6 turns as you don’t have a hero to remove fire from your team.

They discuss Colens and Azlars firestorm skill in this tread as well.

Some also think that it is too easy to win when it’s fired.
Maybe this helps.

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That does thank you, found it odd but I guess it happens. They do need to look at reducing that ability.

Collins skill is meh at best. I mean yes its annoying, but that is it. Planning ahead and having some decently leveled heros pretty much makes his attack survivable. I have found him to be insanely squishy. Then you can also clean his attack off pretty easily making it even easier to deal with. I wouldn’t call it OP just annoying.

The team you attacked wasn’t glitched just had a solid strategy. Given its one that would only work in the lower ranks of Raiding as any higher ranks would shred Brienne. What most likely happened was Brienne got her special off you keep attacking so everytime you attacked you gave +20% to that 45% attack buff. I think it maxes at like 5 times making it 145% overall damage increase. That is one of the highest in the game if not mistaken. This works because Collins is a slow mana hero so he can absorb some hits get his mana up his buff up and suddenly he heating for like 325% of his damage which is pretty insane. That ranks up there with a number of attacks. Add in his high attack ratio and could see him easily one shooting a hero that isn’t a max 4 or 5/3


Colen has like 600 damage x 1,8 = like 1100 damage
Briene special adds: 1100x1.45 = 1700 damage

if you hit Colen 2 or 3 times… when Brienne’s speccial is on him…
then its 45+40/60 = 85-105… x1100 >>> so damage goes up to 2200… if lets say you have 500 defense… 1500 damage will destroy your 1500 hp heroes - meaning all of them :smiley:

My past 3* team had Gunnar and Brienne - trust me I rocked :smiley:
Colen too came :wink: - first 4* for me

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