One hero hits the other 2 times, but with different strengths: how is this possible?

In the raids, I took revenge on my opponent. He had Lianna, to whom a detachment was assigned, allowing him to gain mana faster. Lianna scored mana from an opponent and hit my Evelyn, inflicting 1099 points of damage. Thanks to Kashrek and Melendor, my Evelyn completely restored health. When Lianna again gained mana from her opponent, she hit Evelyn again, dealing damage … 1365 points !!!
The opponent has no heroes to strengthen the attack, Lianna had a detachment that accelerates the set of mana, but does not give the possibility of a critical hit! Also, the rivals have no heroes weakening the defense of my characters, at the time of both strikes no one had any additional reinforcements or stuttering!
What ■■■■ did Lianna eat at the opponent during the battle that began to hit 1.5 times harder?

There’s a random factor in the damage. I haven’t seen that big a difference, so I’ll leave it to the experts. But a Little John swing across 5 identical minions gets five different hit values.

This is the random parameter.


I would add: with how big Lianna’s attack is, that random amount could easily make up the difference between the two hits you witnessed.

EDIT: Just doing a quick calculation with everyone maxed, Lianna had the potential to do more than 1800 damage to Evelyn.

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Everything is clear: this is, as always, a strange Finnish randomness that cannot be explained logically. Soon, the launch of the game will be an “exponentially random parameter”: the game will start or not, and if it does, then from what time :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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