One day and already maxed Knights

The event heroes have been out for all of 24 hours, and Zero, the current leader on the Intermediate board, already has a maxed Lancelot.


When you spend a month queuing up heroes in 3-4 training camps, how long exactly did you think it takes to train a 70? :wink:

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Zero is an extremely accomplished and unrelenting player. A bit enigmatic in his success, but undoubtedly an extremely skilled player.

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Yeah, I’d say.

There’s absolutely no competition for these award ranks. Not among folks without deep pockets or who haven’t been around since the game’s inception to devote every day to its management.

Not hard. I was stockpiling heroes for two weeks on 4 x TC11 and pulled Natalya yesterday morning plus the event pulls I did.

Being out of food is the only reason she isn’t 80 yet: still have 60% of the fodder I started levelling her with; Zero is even further ahead frankly, his Arthur is 70 too. :slight_smile:


Soongyu has a maxed Merlin.

Your point iiiis…?

Well luckily, Dante, he’s about to get six more hidden blades. I’m sure he’ll need them. :roll_eyes::rofl:

I agree that the competition between the big spenders and the no-spenders is a little unbalanced, but if someone is willing to drop copious amount of coin on their success, why shouldn’t they be at the top? Isn’t that how it works everywhere else in the world?

But, there are ways to succeed even if your pockets are shallow. Unrelenting farming and stockpiling of feeder heroes isn’t exactly unachievable…

exactly - the only real thing it takes is a few training camps running extra low cost and time. Anyone with Tc11s can do that.

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My strategy is far, far below that of the top players, but it really only takes a little bit of time and effort to cook up some hero fodder. I have three camps that generally run 24/7 (with the exception of when I’m too busy to farm). One training common and uncommon regularly, extra fast common, and extra low cost but longer wait time. You know for a FACT that challenge events are coming. Stockpile some resources and then set-and-forget your TC11s. It’s not hard to have dozens of feeders at your disposal after a month…

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I have 20 millions of food and 2345678 recruits stuck in my TC 11 but no way to take it out :rofl:

I’ve already wasted too much crap on the failed Super Antidote Food Removal fiasco. No fodder for me. Foodblock.

Make sure you tag @Xero786. He loves the juicy gossip :wink:


Having a boat load of hero fodder for feeding is easy…spending hundreds to thousands on this game to have all heroes, that is the hard part

I know I’m going to get messages trying to figure out “how he did it?”.

Zero saves troops and ham for weeks before the event happens and then uses it all on one. I get asked this so much that I’ve asked him to make a video next time he does it. There’s no hacks or bots, he just saves resources.


It’s just extraordinarily shocking. Most of us take weeks to level up heroes, and that after months of accumulating the ascension items necessary.

And “competition between big spenders and no-spenders is A LITTLE unbalanced”? Yeah… :joy:

Well, if you think about it, it’s kinda @Rook’s fault…


I think I’m so stuck on only using the appropriate color for the characters I’m trying to level up. All I could think was “… but how does he get enough reds”. :smiley:

Hehe yeah, if you’re just levelling one hero throw everything and the kitchen sink at it.

Nat in my case was fully skilled before third ascension.


I’ve learned that color matching is a gosh dang sham; propaganda spread by the government to hold the common man down.

No, just kidding. There’s definitely a benefit, but if you’re leveling one hero at a time, why not put every hero regardless of color on their plate? I’ve leveled many heroes that way, especially now that I’m getting stuck behind ascension materials.

Side note: perhaps it is dumb luck, but I’ve strangely had more success fully-skilling heroes with the any-hero-at-all leveling method. Or perhaps it’s a placebo effect because I just notice quicker results when I’m not waiting to build an army of a specific element…


This was a good kick in the booty I needed to hear, wake me out of my habit. I was about to start my third rainbow leveling but F that, all colors are going on the Sartana train. WOO-woo.


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