One compass to rule them all.. suffering from analysis paralysis

Top of the morning to you!

It’s been a long time since I had a compass to ascend one of my 4* heroes and in the meantime my bench of 3.60 heroes has grown. Now, I am utterly stumped as to whom to gift the gift of ascension to.

I’ve browsed the forums, Googled, analysed and burned tons of incense to try and get some divine inspiration.

I know Wilbur is awesome. But I’m also thinking I massively lack firepower so maybe Wilbur isn’t the right choice for now. Mana control is super important but I can’t make up my mind as to whether Li Xiu is worth is considering my current teams. Scarlett or Kelile? Can’t really find anything in favor of one or the other. Gadeirus is apparently good for titans but I am not convinced (he’s on my blue titan team but that’s my weakest titan by far).

I’m looking for the best synergy so I can feel I am getting better despite getting horrendous summinging results. It’s a mindset thing, obviously. It’s also why I am overthinking this…don’t want to make a “mistake”.

I’m raiding in the low Platinum arena. My alliance fights 5* and 6* titans. I am consistently in the top 3 of highest hitters. That’s not a brag but might be a clue that my titan teams are OK? When raiding, I have little choice but my BT-Grimm-Kash-Sonya-Wu team does alright. I do feel that as soon as Sonya and Grimm are gone I might as well give up so there might be too much of a dependency on blue. They do work well together though so it might be my imagination.

I’ve got the following heroes at 3.60:
Red: Wilbur, Scarlett, Kelile
Green: Gadeirus
Yellow: Li Xiu
Blue: Agwe

My maxed heroes are:
Grim+9, Wu+7, Kashrek+8, BT+7, Sonya+2 (and her costume is almost maxed) and Cyprian+7

The rest of my 4*/5*:
Green: LJ 3.11, Melendor 1.1 (hoping to pull his costume Monday)
Purple: Stonecleave 3.49 (didnt have Sabina until yesterday), Sabina 1.1
Yellow: Vivicia 2.42, Chao 1.1
Blue: Kiril 3.20
Red: Jean Francois 1.38

Monday’s costume pull might change things but I am trying not to get my hopes up.

By now, I either need some advice or a therapist. Possibly both :sweat_smile:

Any advice is greately appreciated!

Glad you didn‘t list Agwe as a real option!

I would definitely do Wilbur… he keeps the other alive but if you want fire power Scarlett’s tile damage is very high for a 4*.
Li Xiu with her costume is good too. Wait until you see if you get it.

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Thanks @PM229!

I went with the general consensus on Agwe which is to leave him at 3.60. Or actually it’s not to bother with him at all but I used him on my raid teams before I got Sonya :slight_smile:

I actually have Li Xiu’s costume…haven’t ready any advice on that one yet. Haven’t really looked as I kinda dismissed it as being much less useful than her non-costumed version

Go with Wilbur, who with Boldtusk is such a dynamic duo to stack with 3 offensive heroes.

Lack of compasses hurts beginners/mid-level players so much when you can get only 9 compasses per year from sure sources (assuming a player can’t finish Legendary tier of Challenge events).

Wilbur and BT is a good match. Scarlett is good on lower titans. Li with costume would be very handy. Probably Wilbur first

@MirkoChan and @Infinite Thanks!

A stray thought/question. If I’d make a team with Wilbur and BT (heard lots of good things about those two aside from your recommendation) what would it be? Would Wu still have a place? And if so, would BT be “healery” enough to keep whomever I then add as attackers (because I do need attackers, right? :stuck_out_tongue:)? My attacker choices would then pretty much be Grimm and Sonya as I feel Scarlett and Kelile aren’t strong enough if not ascended.

Which then leads me into the (circular) thought that maybe I should ascend Scarlett or Kelile first to strengthen my attack bench. But then I don’t have the benefits of Wilbur, which leads me… Well you get the idea

I find the best use of most costumes is the increase in base stats you get on the main hero. At your stage I wouldn’t bother too much with Li’s costume then

@PM229 cool! That’s one of the reasons I have been leveling Sonya’s costume too…to strengthen her non-costume. Of course Sonya’s costume is actually very useful.

I’ll leave Li’s in the closet for now but I’ll keep this in mind

With Wilbur and BT buffs / debuffs active, tiles do the job usually . Not sure on the synergy with Wu as he may make Wilbur miss, but his buffed tiles would be handy. Bear in mind Grimm will overwrite Wilbur’s def down, and vice versa

@Infinite Mmm I hadn’t thought of that at all. Aside from damage, Grimm’s best feature is the def down. With Wilbur taking that role, I could free up Grimms slot for a different hero, maybe Li Xiu or one of the red ladies (if I’d want to stack red).

That’s an awesome tidbit of advice, thanks!

I’ll just experiment with the Wu combo and see if it makes sense. Fun fun!

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If you are thinking of stacking red with BT and Wilbur, definitely Scarlett over Kelile… huge tile damage difference

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In addition to that, it’s best to fire Wilbur’s special before Wu’s. Although Wu will make Wilbur, Boldtusk won’t.

As a trio, Wilbur, Boldtusk and Wu can do quite a bit of damage. A sniper has only one chance to hit or miss, but a multiple hitter has three or five chances to hit or miss with spirit link sharing the damage out. So keep this in mind for offensive specials.

I agree… And disagree, here.

Yes the stat boost is the main thing, but actually it could come in handy here, too.

With a bottleneck for compasses, why not max a few key hero’s (Wilbur!) and then level a few costumes up 3.60 as well?
You just get a bit more stats out of the parked hero’s while you wait on the materials to max them AND you’re a good way to maxing the costume once the compasses do come along.

Having said this… I’m assuming a good number of 3* maxed to fill out war teams, otherwise I’d do those first.

If they sold them on a singular basis they would make a fortune. I am in exactly the same position with my alt account. Can’t progress either my 4 star or 5 star heroes further

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Yep, had a good 2-3 months like that on both my alts… Titans and war chests occasionally obliged but otherwise it’s just waiting for farholme and seasonal challenges (when I have the time and inclination to do them twice/thrice.


I’ll definitely be leveling up costumes when it fits. I’m running out of 4* holies so Li Xiu will get her costume leveled. BT as well. And today is Costume Day so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I do wish Li’s costume was more useable. I absolutely love the artwork!

I’ve a fairly good bench of maxed 3*. Focused on those first and even leveled some in favor of 4* (Kvasir, Björn, Ei-Dunn) when they seemed to strengthen my 3* bench. Not unhappy with that choice at all.

Thanks for the tips!

my priority was to have a 4* defense team first, then go from there.
In your case I’d go for Li. Yes, she doesn’t seem to be as sexy as the other options. But she is solid and will serve you a very long time in tournaments too.


There’s only one choice regardless of costumes.

Wilbur will dramatically improve your titan scores which should help you get more compasses.


Li’s costume is more suited for defense - 10% vs 20% mana cut really isn’t that big a difference to the attackers, since even slow heroes charge in 12 tiles, and a 3-match is already 25% mana gain, so you’d still just be stalling them for one turn with regular Li Xiu. However I will tell you that 180% AoE when paired with a def down skill like the one Grimm has becomes more like 250% and can be quite deadly if the attacker is caught off guard by it. I might be biased though since LX costume has been in my defense ever since I maxed out her costume and then tailored the emblem path for her costume so she now has 690 atk and can actually wreck some havoc.

Anyways back to your original question, the only real hitters you have are Scarlett and Kelile, Scarlett is super squishy even at 4/70, and also isn’t a true sniper at only 215% damage. Kelile hits harder and that burn is nasty, but she’s squishy in different way because of her way below average HP. Tile damage also nowhere near as good as Scarlett’s if you’re doing a red stack. I think Kelile gets a bad rep around here mainly because she just doesn’t do enough damage to have that “finishing power” that Marjana has. Scarlett while she hits less hard, the atk debuff can be useful against dangerous snipers to ensure they don’t one shot any of your heroes. So in terms of long term utility, my vote goes to Scarlett if you’re looking for more attack power. But many others have already pointed out the virtues of Wilbur and I 100% agree, so Wilbur would still be my first choice, followed closely Scarlett, and then Kelile a distant 3rd.

If it helps you any, I was in your exact same position about 2 months ago. Only had enough blades to ascend one red, had to pick between BT, Wilbur, and Scarlett. Did Wilbur first, then BT, and finally Scarlett. Do not regret that order one bit, so as many others have said, ascend Wilbur. Or if you must have a hitter, go Scarlett.

Btw I also had a compass dry spell for the longest time. Once I maxed about 8 4*s, I just couldn’t get any compasses for the life of me while gloves continued piling up. The game seemed to enjoy rubbing it in even more by just shoving gloves in my face but not giving any compasses. The frustration was maddening, and the desperation got so bad that I continued with gems 7 times on Wonderland legendary just for that guaranteed compass at the end. :sob:

Then all of a sudden titans started dropping compasses left right and center (seriously, 3 consecutive titans each dropped gloves and compass);I got compasses from the tourney rewards week after week, and the two elemental chests also gave one compass each. In about 3 weeks I went from 0 to 10 compasses. All this to say just hang in there, they WILL come, just a matter of time and patience.

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This might just be me, but her costume looks disturbingly like Noel Fielding to me :joy::joy: (British bake off presenter)

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