One ally sees different Titan and can't attack

One alliance member reports seeing this crystalline special Titan. We’ve never had this Titan appear.
One screenshot is the Titan he sees, the other is what the rest of us (i presume) see.

Looks like this is a game wide issue, one of our alliance members has experienced this twice in the past week, he also cannot get into the new sand empire challenges.

Same issue for our ally member. Has occurred twice now. On 22 June and today 25 June

I can’t see titan on map or in Alliances Tab where Titan is shown.

Are you updated to the most recent version of the game?

Edit: version 1.13.1 on iOS …

My ally member verified his device has most recent updates. He went through all the troubleshooting steps we know to check. Also exited and re-entered alliance.

I think this issue was introduced with the latest update. I believe the last update was a forced update, so it wouldn’t be possible to be on the old version. But as for my alliance member with this issue, he is definitely updated.