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Want to join the #1 alliance in E&P? Well I can’t help you with that! but if you want to join the 7,026th best alliance then come make a home at Draco Magistri! We are an experienced, war winning, titan killing (9- 10*), fun having members from all over the globe (mostly U.S and europe.) with daily players, active chat, strategy help and fun! Even the #1 alliance was the 7,026th best once! Join us!

All we ask of you is that if you opt in to war use all your flags and hit the titan as often as you can.

Hi All, I’m from Draco Magistri, we’re looking for a possible merger, we got 6 vacancies in our team, Titan hits as often as possible and may be kicked if not hitting it on a regular basis, titans around 9-11* titans. War optional but if opted in must use all flags and will be kicked if failed to do so, twice over a short period of time with no valid reasons and looking for a team of 36 heroes of 3* for war. We got discord and line but again optional not required. 18+ years



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EotE 29/30 (13/14* Titans) WotE 23/30 (9/10* Titans) Both require 6 war flags and Discord

Alliance Recruitment

recruitment alliance-recruitment recruiting







The Equator Alliance includes 3 alliances:

  • East of the Equator:
    • About us: hitting 13-14* Titans; 29/30 members; recruiting for last spot;
    • About you: 2200 Cups minimum (negotiable); daily Titan hits, 6 war flags unless opted out;
    • About war:
      • Purple tanks in rush wars;
      • Green tanks in all other wars;
      • Tactical Advisors and waved attacks;
  • West of the Equator
    • About us: hitting 9-10* Titans (11* when full); 23/30 members; recruiting;
    • About you: 1200 Cups minimum (negotiable); daily Titan hits, 6 war flags unless opted out;
    • About war: currently on a 6-week trial with dark tanks;
  • Newbie Equator (full).

We invite everyone to join our Discord server .

Even if you are not interested in joining, we offer resources to help everyone grow.

Perhaps instead of a merger we could offer your alliance joining with our family of alliances. We offer help with recruitment, advice on game play, players can move from 1 alliance to another as they grow. Just hit that blue server button and we can at least talk about it. I’m coleader of East of the Equator.

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