One Account, two or more devices (different OS)

Hi All,

is it possible (and allowed) to play the same account on different devices / OS?

Recently I switched my “main” device from android to ios. For this, SG transfered my account from google play to the IOS Game Center. In these days, I was able to play on both devices.
Now, I want to play on an android tab too. (not to the same time, but with the same game account).

Has anybody experience with that? Does it work? Is that allowed?


Using different devices should not be an issue. You are not cheating anyhow.

The one caveat is that SG has clearly stated that they will not support two accounts for the same individual. So, if you have a 2nd account, it has issues, and they find out, you are SOL. Now it’s all very unlikely you’d have an issue and probably unlikely that they;d figure it out on different devices (other than you posted it here :)) but it’s not without risk.

Hey @Stuhry did you ever figure this one out?
I’m interested in moving mine across from tablet to phone for playing when I’m out and about but want to keep it on my tablet as well, and so its going to be ios / google play for me too.
I don’t want to take it off my tablet bc sometimes I might want to play on that one instead, ie when I’m at home…
Has anyone had any success playing the same account on different devices / os?

On different devices is no problem, as long as they have the same operating system (Android v iOS). I play the same game on both my Android phones.

I don’t know if it’s possible to connect your game to Google Play (Android) and Game Center (iOS) at the same time. I also am not able to find the answer inside the support page (Small Giant Games Technical Support and Help Center). I would like to know the answer as well! Anyone could verify if it’s possible or not?


Hey, at the first, there is no “out of the box” solution to connect your game to Google Play AND Game Center.
Cuz I switched from Android to IOS, I opened a support ticket at SG. They connected my Game Account to Game Center.

After that I had no technical problems switching between both devices.
There is just an error, if you forgot to connect the 2nd device while your loged in at the other one - forgot to turn of the app :frowning: But this is ok and I would say “normal”.

Now, I’m back at Android with mobile phone and tablet and the switch works well too.

BUT yes, I haven’t found any official comment from SG for that.
But I guess if its obviously just switching the device and no account sharing (same IP and so on) there should be no prob.

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Back without the help of support to switch your progress back to your Android devices? If so, then it apparently works. :+1:

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Do you sync them I got trapped starting a second game on tablet how do I get my original account to be active?

Your second game is related to another Game Center or Google Play account right? Just use the logout button inside of the game and login with your other account.

If the computer in my case an iPad has been handling my game account and iOS no longer has a Game Center, how can I know what my account is if I want to play on another device. ? It’s been too long and I don’t know.