Once again here we go: opinions on future defense team

Hey everybody, I need some inputs here on who to level cause i will probably alter my defense team.
Defense: Alasie, Zeline, Guin, Grave, Panther

Bench: Isarnia, Delilah, Joon, Lianna

Who to level for future defense team: Victor/Khiona and Gravemaker/Red Hood
I have the mats for one red and one purple.
I though about having a second Gravemaker and Victor, i would then have 3 super fast mana which are a pain to deal with.
Red Hood speaks for herself, she is unbelievable but i think he is a better defender. And would be good 2 gravemakers and falcon for events as well.
Victor vs Khiona is another deal where he is great for raids but she is better for titans/events, i have 8 tabards.
A new lineup i though about would be:

Alasie Gravemaker Guin Victor Gravemaker
Gravemaker Panther Guin Victor Gravemaker

I appreciate any suggestions and inputs from personal experience with these heroes and double gravemaker setups. Thanks!

Probably have more luck in the game okay and tactics forum bud. The whole sub forum for questions like this.

Thanx streets
I will look there

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