ONATEL's Mana Special

Please take a look at Onatel and see if her special is working correctly. Heroes mana is still building up after she hits them with her mana steal special.


Onatel only steals a percentage of the possible mana gained by an opponent, which increase each turn.

I’ll use a simple example…
You hit the tank and flanks with onatel,
First turn after you throw 4 tiles at the tank,
Of which she steals 25% so 1 tile goes to her 3 to the tank
Next turn 4 more tiles,
She steals 50% so 2 tiles the tank gains 2
3rd turn 4 tiles,
She steals 75% 3 tiles worth of mana, tank gains 1 tiles worth
And finally on 4th turn,
You send 4 at tank,
She steals 100% so all the mana, tank gains zero

So the opponents still gains mana on each of the next 3 turns but decreasing each turn

If you fire her again before turn 4 on same targets, the count restarts.

So it’s best to aim left or right, so you can then fire her the opposite direction without overlapping


Understand but she isn’t stealing any right now. This just started during the last war.

I’ve been using her for awhile now so I can see the difference.


Nevermind. She seems to be back on track.

Thanks for the feedback.

Appreciate it.


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