Onatel with Wu Kong against Purple Titan

Is pairing Onatel with Wu Kong a good pairing for a purple Titan or raid attack against purple defense team?

I would assume so… Based on stacking. But don’t know for sure as I don’t have Onatel. Yet. Hoping for a lucky pull with atlantis coming up.

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Her damage isnt as high as some of the other 5* yellows like Inari or even Leonidas, but she would give Wu that little bit of element link heal, and she would help prevent enemies from gaining mana as fast.


Good luck @anon89026910 - I got her early this month as HoM and then today when I did another Holy Elemental pull jagged another one - I was really after Joon or Justice but that’s how it rolls :rofl:

Lmao… I’d settle for Joon… Well settles a bad word in this case… Id be stoked for Joon as well. I have Justice… But unsure if I want to take her past tier 2… I’ve only used her stacking against Titans…

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PS. Thanks for the well wishes. Need all the luck I can get.

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Just the luck of the game - just leveled my first Onatel to 3/1 as we were chatting - I like her - her hitting power is alright and she recharges pretty quick once you get the first one off. I fire her after an attack buff like Grimm or Isarnia

For sure on the luck.

Thanks for the info. Fingers crossed. And wishing you luck in future pulls…

Cheers - let me know how you go - fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:

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This is my purple titan attack team. I do 40k min on it.


@Slickers111 - HOLY crap!!! What a team - pun intended on the ‘holy’ :smile:

I have just been practising with a not so much leveled up Wu Kong and he can be amazing!!!

I fired him first then Colen, then Isarnia then Onatel and wow very cool results - so i can see with that team would kick butt. I’m jealous as I don’t have Jackal but have the rest of that team maybe I could insert Chao (not as good as Jackal though)

Wu is amazing… Have him fully levelled. I pair him with Wilbur… Should have him full within the week. Unbelievable tile damage when the board goes your way.

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This team does me good for sure. Granted i get the tiles. But i have been cirsed with a 10k with this team as well. Its all on the board. However my avg is around 40k…


Musashi + Wu vs purple titan is a good combination.

Awesome!!! I have everyone in your team except Gormek. I am not too familiar with his abilities. Any suggestion on an alternative to him?

Any defense debuff heroes would be fine:

5* - Athena/Kunchen/Santa/Isarnia
4* - Grimm/Buddy/Tibertus/Wilbur