Onatel with emblems - anyone max one?

Finished Onatel today and since she’s the only 5* wizard I have maxed thus far I’m feeding her emblems.

Just curious if anyone has her further along so I can see stats?


I can do better. You can plug in whatever set of nodes you want into this google sheet and see the full set of stats Onatel would have.


This is an awesome tool. I love it. Thanks for sharing it (again).


Thanks but that spreadsheet doesn’t work on either my iphone or laptop. Keeps resetting the values in the tree. Extremely frustrating to try using it.

I’ll just figure it out elsewhere.

You need to click on a node and wait for the spreadsheet to process the update and stabilize. If you try to click fast, it’ll reset.

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It resets on its own without clicking on anything. Or won’t even register a click. From my viewpoint its buggy as all heck doing this across Os’es and platforms. Or tempermental. Take your pick but I’ve spent enough time trying to get it to work.

I’ll figure it out as I apply emblems. Thanks anyways.

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