Onatel to replace WR on defense

Hello everyone,

I was thinking if it’s a good idea to replace WR with Onatel on my defensive team.

When I face her (Onatel) it’s more annoying than when I encounter the Rabbit. Maybe is just my impression but after all she is a proper defensive hero.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.
Here’s my current defense

Your current defence team is better, imo.

But if you decide to use Onatel, you should go with Alice-GM-Telluria-Onatel-Jabberwock.


You will lose some of the family bonus.


I really love Onatel (one of my most desired heroes) and yes if you emblem her up she is real sturdy…but

I agree again…Onatel is simply lost on wing and way less dangerous…and you might do an extra color distribution and become a more attractive target.

To put it short…As much as I love Onatel I think your current setup is more deadly.

Remember Onatel for Rush attack…she is a beast over there. If it really comes down to Rush Attack wars and if you can afford the emblems then I would swap Onatel in just for Rush Attack wars. All other modes keep WR.

Not worth it WR is fast and does more damage. That family bonus has more chance of boosting the mana of the wonderland heroes.

If you are having trouble facing Onatel, try mana control heroes (proteus, Hel, Zocc, Merlin, etc). I often use Malosi against Onatel

I also agree with the above statements that your current defense with WR is better.

I personally would do: Alice - WR - Telluria - GM - Jabberwock.
I prefer my defense down hero to be in left flank to get that defense down asap. I use C.Magni as my left flank in my defense. Either way, I think the defense with WR would be better than with Onatel (except for rush attack).


I’ve run variations of these defenses for a couple of months now… all heroes at or just below +20 emblems (maxed mana Troops):
Finley, Grave, Telly, Onatel, Jabberwock
Onatel, c.Magni, Telly, Grave, Jabberwock

I’ve tried swapping in White Rabbit (+18) for Onatel, either left wing or right flank for many days of both raid and war defenses.

Onatel has performed clearly better for me (sorry no actual data), but it’s not even that close.
Here’s what I think is going on, some of which I’ve confirmed in war attack vids shared with me:

  • White rabbit hits very hard, and yet just doesn’t survive & punish a weak board the way that Onatel can.

  • Onatel in the wing works pretty well for all war rules (at least for the 3 older rules). Heals herself annoyingly much for field aid, and hits 3 very hard when wizard talent procs with attack buff.

  • Telly and Onatel actually have a bit of anti-mana synergy, especially when Onatel flanks…
    Telly often lives long enough to slow their mana gain, and when she does Onatel is usually alive to take the baton & steal mana (undispellably). “Handcuffed” is the word I’ve seen others use to describe what Onatel can do to an opponent.

Both holy options with your fast support crew will do well, however.


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