Onatel stopped charging mana

During my last war fight Onatel stopped charging mana after her first special. I was using Justice, Vivica , Domitia and Aeron. My enemy was fielding Alberich, Leonidas , Khiona, Delilah and GM. I was able to launch Justice 3 times while Onatel did not charge but impossible to win with only 2 attackers. Considering all the money i spend, i expect you to do way better than this

Do you have video proof of this happening?

No, i was not recording the fight

If Justice was firing but not Onatel, something was wrong. You weren’t battling Hel or Proteus, by chance?


OP listed the enemy team, and there’s no mana control in there. Definitely sounds like a bug.

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Yep, read too fast. @sara this one looks legit.

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Both Vivica and Justice were firing just fine. Only Onatel fired just once then got blocked right before firing again. I use her regularly in war and never happened before

Thank you for the report - we shall look into this!

Can you please write in a support ticket (if you have not already), we would need to look at the logs for this case @Seifer

I actually have experienced almost the opposite when facing Onatel. She kept firing her special even though her mana was not maxed… Happened in war and in raid. Once I get home I will have to try to post a video and file a ticket, I guess.

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