Onatel Steals mana when Can't gain mana is applied


I noticed you guys fixed the bug with perseus and victor

Now i noticed if onatel is under hel or proteus “Cant gain mana” special skill, she still steals mana if her special skill was active

Is this the same principle as the victor/perseus effect?

bug or special ability ? “Cant gain mana” applied . but she is adding mana to herself from her mana vampire skill.
alberich gives mana over time even when “Cant gain mana” is on.
seems like a bypass instead of bug.
*need to see the video of it happening .

Lol I’ve seen the vid evidence and the issue is common knowledge

Victor doesn’t heal
Pers stops healing recieved
Victor was able to steal health even with pers effect on

Onatel falls under that same principle only with mana instead of heatlh

She doesnt generate mana
She steals it
But can still “steal mana” if under a “Cant gain mana” effect is on

How would it make sense to treat victor different than onatel?

I left it alone since both worked the same way so thought it was intentional. But if they fixed victor, they should fix onatel


Victor vampire very fast
Onatel vampire average
Onatel vampire very fast confirmed.*

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nah I think they should leave Onatel that way.
why you picking on the Blind Lady Hero? J/K

But lets see what the DEVs/ Staff say


I don´t have Hel. But in beta I tried Onatel after Proteus’ Special and she didn´t “steal” any mana. Maybe that’s just with Hel…

It’s kind of an interesting decision as to whose special should override whose. But yeah, if they fixed Perseus/Victor, the same rule should apply here IMO.


Workin now but will double check the video i watched yesterday in Line. 99% positive it was proteus but will check.

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Giving this a bump


Any insight into this issue?

The term “mana gain” is a very specific term in game that does NOT mean “gains mana from any which way”. It means “mana gained from tiles on the board”, either matching tiles on the offensive OR getting hit by tiles on the defense. That’s different from things like mana steal (forget which heroes do that) or mana regeneration (i.e. Alberich). Those things in the past always have worked under Hel (i.e. one of my best tactics is to get albi charged before a defending Hel charges so my heroes can gain some mana each turn, even if under Hel’s ability).

Hel/proteus should stop any mana gained from using the tiles on the board but has never stopped mana regeneration or mana steal and that overall behavior has been explained as “working as designed”.


Stealing healing isn’t different than recieving healing?

Because if health is increased then in my mind, a hero recieved healing

If a hero recieves mana, then a hero gained mana

If pers stops victor
Hel/prot should stop ona

But probly just means i don’t understand the mechanic

I don’t know what the healing decision was about. Healing may not be as defined as specifically as “mana gain” is. What I was told way back (cant remember if it was a support ticket or forum dev response) when Albi came out in relation to Hel was that mana “gain” or “getting mana” was specifically from the board tiles and things like mana regeneration or stealing were different mechanics, therefore Hel stopped mana gained from the board, but not other sources. Proteus fell under this as well. That’s how it was explained to me to be designed and how it’s currently implemented falls under that design.


I’ll accept it if that’s how it is. Just odd no response from devs yet but i dont recall a response to the pers/vic scenario when i mentioned it either.

Thanks for the info

To add
Alberich generate Mana 7% have been bypassing “no Mana gain” since the beginning. So I’m guessing Onatel Mana steal is a mutation of Mana regeneration.


Whoever comes up with “loophole” mechanics, should really just stop lol. Doesn’t do anything but overcomplicate very simple things.

come on rigs have fun and enjoy the little loopholes.
no mana gain is OP enough.
in the past I suggested no mana gain be changed to -95-99% mana gain.

Her mana bar greys out under Proteus effect, she should not be gaining mana while she’s blocked.

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She isn’t gaining mana. She’s stealing mana from others under the effect of her special.

She’s fine the way she is!


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Really want a Dev to weigh in on this. I don’t care she slows the mana gain of others, but her bar shouldn’t be filling imo.

I do not concur with your assessment of the situation.

And it has absolutely nothing to do with me just getting Onatel to 4/80 a couple days ago either!


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