Onatel stealing 100% of Mana gain

I fought Onatel in a war, and 3 different times, she absorbed 100% of my heroes’ Mana gain. There was one time I ghosted 6 red tiles, and my Marjana gained no Mana but Onatel gained a bunch and fired her special again. It almost cost me the match!

She stole the appropriate amount of Mana other times, but it was at least 3x that she ate it all.

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Her ability is listed as: “The caster steals generated mana of the target and the nearby enemies over 4 turns starting low and increasing every turn until on the last turn all the generated mana is stolen. This effect can’t be dispelled, but gets removed if the caster dies”.

So by turn 4 she does steal all of the mana your heroes generate :), it’s just the way her ability works.


Oh…oh wow. I hadn’t read the description recently and hadn’t remembered that increasing part. Oops!

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