Onatel special firing too often

Yesterday, I raided a player with Onatel on their team (right corner). She was the last one remaining, and it seemed like every time it was her turn, her special would fire, in addition to when her mana was full… even when I didn’t swap tiles for my heroes (I did 3/2 stack).

I just spent about 300k food trying to find her again to record, but apparently only 1 player has her on their defense team :rofl:

Good to know I’ll put her in my defense once leveled up !!!
Just received her last night !!
What level was she ??


Lol. She was 4^80.

I rerolled some more and finally came across her again.

This time she didn’t have that bug, but there seems to be another bug related to who she applies her special to. I’ll make a new report for that one.

Did you win ???
On any occasion ???

Yes, on both occasions that I faced her (not in center either time, FYI).
I didn’t see this bug the 2nd time I faced her.

It’s not a bug. Assuming you still had 4 or 5 heroes left when she was going, she probably had the buff applied to the whole group. She then steals earned mana and gets the trickle that’s given to her each turn. When I’ve used her on offensive raids I can fire every two turns easy, she’s often filled in one when I’ve fired a diamond on the side with her buff on 75 or 100% steal.


I’ve had her on my defense team on the wing and she’s been giving lots of people problems based on how many enemy raids I’ve been winning. I only have her at 3/30 too. I don’t think this is a bug. :slight_smile:


This is good to here, I’m 2 lvls away from having her at 4/80, I’ve been debating her best position flank or tank! Certainly not on the wing if you beat her twice and once was a bugged version possibly

I would have noticed if they had the debuff.
However, I think it may have been just the animation going off.

Her mana bar didn’t appear to move, and certainly didn’t have the ‘S’ when it happened. I don’t recall seeing my heroes’ mana go down, either, but the way the animation is, I may have not been looking at the correct hero(es).

I will record any matches with her in the future just to make sure. If it happens again, I will update :slight_smile:

Off topic, but mine is only on wing because she isn’t that strong yet. The team she is on used to be my cup dropping team cause they weren’t very leveled. Now this team has a stronger tp than what I usually have on defense. My goal is to eventually tank her. She’s got the health for it.

Back on topic, I’d like to see videos as well. I actually haven’t gone up against anyone who has her yet.

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Im going to put her into my def tonight as tank! I’m in the 2k Cup range, so hopefully some helpful forum members might be able to find me!
Onatel the guinea-pig :wink:


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