Onatel special attack

I know this issue does not happen often, but it happens to me.

I have two Onatels @ max level and skill, and when I use both of them on 1 team, I think their special skills do not work correctly.

I think that each Onatel should have her own special skill tracked seperately, this includes the Mana stealing over 4 turns countdown, and also the Recovers 4% health for all Holy allies for 6 turns countdown. This would double the health recovery to 8% for all Holy allies because each Onatel cast her own special skill.

What happens now is when the Onatel1 casts her special she gets a countdown of 4 turns Mana and 6 turns health, and then when two turns go by and Onatel2 casts her special the countdown resets to 4 and 6 for both, instead of staying at 2 and 4 for Onatel1, and 4 and 6 for Onatel2 , and Onatel1 does not steal all the Mana generated when her countdowns would have reached 0 and 2. Also the recovery stays at 4% health and should be at 4% for each Onatels special.

What do you think?

It works like every other specials in the game. If you use two Grimms, their defense down turns don’t add up, it will just be replaced by one another. Same goes for every other buffs or ailments. Only thing that adds up are the stacks from S3 heroes.


But with Onatel the Mana countdown has to reach 0 to steal all the mana. So basically I have two strong 5* heroes I can’t use together because I can’t get the full effect of their specials.

There are two ways you can go about it:

  1. In raids, try to target different sides with the Onatel specials, that is target the left and right flanks seperately. That way all the heroes will be covered and your Onatel’s will be gaining mana like crazy irrespective of where you make the matches.

  2. In wars, you can use them in two seperate teams to get more out of them.

I am tagging my fellow alliance member @anon73591153, who uses double Onatel. I am sure he will be able to give you better advice. :slight_smile:


Okay I’ll try that. In wars I’ve kept them seperate. Thanks.

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Element link counts as a buff and it won’t stack with itself. It’s the same with her mana steal, a hero can’t have 2 identical debuffs. Onatel2’s special skill cancels Onatel1’s special skill if you hit the same heroes.

In wars, I think you should use Onatels on different teams because you can focus on killing a side with your team’s specials and delay the other one with her special. I don’t like to use both of them in the same team because their tile damage is quite low (especially against off-color tanks), plus you need to hit all the enemy heroes to get the full benefit of her special skill and you risk triggering them (especially if they’re fast/very fast)

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So if I do use them on same team, use 1 Onatel for the 3 enemies on the right side including the tank, let’s say. And use the other Onatel for just the 2 enemies on the left, or should I overlap the tank in the middle.

It depends on the tank, if you’re fighting a cleric/monk tank, overlapping is very helpful. For the other classes, it won’t matter because by the time your Onatels fire, the tank will probably be dead or very close to death

Another advice for using Onatel: When you fire her the first time, target a flank. When her mana is full and her effect is still active, target the wing of the opposite side. This way you will prevent overwriting the debuff of the tank. Unless of course, firing would kill the tank. Then you can just target the opposite flank. When both sides have Onatels debuff, fire tiles on the side where her special steals more mana. This way you could have her constantly stealing mana from the whole enemy team… Or maybe they will not be affected by her mana drain for maybe one turn, or 2 turns max

Thanks I’ll try that.

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