Onatel resurrection bug

Hi! I cannot kill Onatel after she used her special. She can be killed by my heroes’ specials but not by tiles. She just returns back to the field again and again with hp she had before my move. Steal mana animation occurs in empty space and even tiles go through it - she surely dies. In the next turn she stands again

Useless forum. Let’s delete it

First time I’ve seen this. Is it reoccuring or did it only happen once?

Missed this one too idk why…
Do you have any screenshots from the team you’re facing?
Onatel does not revive so maybe alby/MN/heimdall in opponent’s team?
Animations lasts only the turn she dies even after she vanishes but never saw her reviving by herself…
If you could provide some screen shots or the context were and how it happened would allow us to find out if there’s some bug or any other simple explanation.
Was it just visual bug or was she really alive?

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Could you #contact-support so we can investigate this in more detail? Please attach the date and time when you experienced the issue. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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