Onatel or Neith for flanking Kunchen?

Wich would you pick? And why? :thinking:

I will probably go with Neith. Usually if a Kunchen flank fires it means that Kunchen has already fired and in order to fully take advantage of his special and AoE hero hitting all is the best, not to mention the mana cut and blind that comes along with it. That would be my thought process.


Another vote for Neith.
If i have to take full advantage of Kunchen debuff, better use an AoE over a splash.

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Grazie @Elpis :wink:
Same thought, my friend…but you know, I’m reading all this “meh-feelings” about Neith, so…:wink:

My choice for you would be Neith. Onatel is not that hard to kill, sure she is annoying, but she doesn’t do that much damage compared to others and if she recasts on the same heroes her special is not as effective. I often leave her near the end to kill her compared to others. Neith is more of a pain and I’ll target her sooner.

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