Onatel or Inari

Hey guys, still pretty new to the game and am trying to figure out which hero I should invest ascension items into. I still need to find 3 more magic orbs for the next ascension tier. Should I invest them into Onatel or Inari?

How many poison darts do you have?

I currently only have two.

You may want to consider working on a holy 4* first

Onatel is an absolute beast when she gets going

Have her maxxed and with troops she has almost 990 defence and 1550 health

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Yeah I dont have any 4* Holy Heroes yet. I’m trying to get Joon and Wu Kong.

She was my first 5* and I like her now that I understand how her skill works. I too was among the people that thought she wasnt working at first. She is still the best Hero I have but is stuck at second ascension until I get more Magic Orbs. I just recently got Kage and Inari from atlantis pulls. Those are my only 3, 5* Heroes.

If you’re a new player then I’d recommend Onatel. She is extremely strong and useful in every circumstance due to her moderate damage and mana control. Inari is very useful in niche situations, but can be entirely useless in others. Therefore Onatel is better if you have a limited roster.

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Ok, thanks for the advice. Which position would you place her? Currently I have gormek in tank spot, he is fully ascended and just needs to be fully leveled.

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Once you get her to 4-80 she’ll make a great tank. Until then I’d leave her as a flank with Gormek as your tank.


Ok, thanks for everyone’s advice.

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Onatel is a great tank. Inari is very mediocre/poor, esp her special only last 3 turns and very squishy. Oh, and Inari was nerfed 66% upon released.

I honestly don’t think she is a great tank.
Yes, her stats say so, but her damage is really low and her mana stealing take at least 3 turns to be effective.

So to really be dangerous i need to fill her average mana like Guinevre and wait 3 entire turns before worry of her mana stealing, and if i happen to kill her before her status effect disappear.

I honestly think there’s slow heroes better then that.


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