Onatel or Guinevere?

I have both maxed, started raiding with both in 3-2 stack, just awesome they go off its game over. Have Guin as tank on defense, just put onatel on wing, not sure if it will but I’ll try

I’m not a fan of running Onatel on defense. The Guin+Onatel duo on offense is great because they (almost always) fire together: Guin reduces mana, and Onatel slows/stops mana regenerate. Moreover, on offense you can control where you’re dropping tiles to maximize the benefit of Onatel’s ailment.

On defense, they won’t fire together, so you lose that nice synergy.

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Hmm, Onatel or Guin? I guess the question is, what’s more important offense or defense?

On offense you have control. You decide what gems get fired, who gets charged. On offense I would say Onatel, she is much more versatile.

On defense, Guin is the Queen. She rules as tank. But, you WILL lose on defense. You have no control over how it plays. You are at the mercy of the AI, as brain dead as it is. Unless your goal is to be as high as you can be in the raid cups standings, offense should be your priority. It doesn’t require a Guin to stay in diamond.

So, overall, I would always make the hero that helps me more on offense the priority. Here, that would be Onatel.


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