Onatel or anzogh for flask

I have anzogh fully leveled and emblemed or I could fully emblem onatel and put her in my defense. Question is should I use anzogh or onatel in my defense? Onatel should be
Here is anzogh and my lineup

Any help would be appreciated

Having a yellow is normally considered a good idea to stop a yellow stack being an easy option to attack you.

With the heroes you have available, the best option might be

Finley - Onatel - kunch - anzogh - Kingston

Personally, I don’t rate Tarlak on defence, even if he has the most emblems.


+1 to that, remove Tarlak, move Finley to the wing and use Onatel and Anzogh as flanks. Anzogh will work very well with Kunchen’s debuff.


Thank you to both of y’all. Have some other cards I could put in as well. I’m f2p so my roster isn’t immaculate but it’s ok for what I’ve been able to amass.

I just realized I could fully emblem joon with what I have so there is that as well

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