Onatel not working?

I have been leveling up Onatel over the last week. She does seem to be working in the way I thought she would. I fire her at the target and the targets do indicate that mana will be stolen. I then just do normal matches (non-yellow) and no mana comes to me over the next few turns. If I fire yellow then it does. Isn’t it supposed to work with every color?


If you are fighting against monsters in the provinces who don’t gain mana, it doesn’t work. It only works in raids, titans or bosses.

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It should work in the levels where all mobs cast, like 1-8-4.

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In theory it would, but she will typically kill them with the special… but yes it should work against any monster/boss/titan/pvp that gains mana.

I think I see your issue. With how her special is worded it should giveyou mana from any tiles that hit not just yellow. If this is what you are referring to it should be reported in.

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She can’t siphon mana from enemies who don’t have a mana bar, she’s good but not a miracle worker, when using yellow tiles she is just gaining mana like any other hero


Thanks everyone !! I guess I never really understood the distinction between monsters with or without a mana bar. I just thought it was hidden. :wink:

Is working I work with and doesn’t matter witch tiles you throw the mana get and besides she hills herself and there’s no specification about she hills herself. She’s a tank and she lives very long like Mother North or Santa as well. The only thing what I saw is week is her sword when you activate her she doesn’t do big damage but when she’s active she will be active all the time and will be PIA in Raid’s or defence

I’m testing onatel, it’s on 53/3, and I think sensibly it must have some configuration failure, because really the heroes that I attack continue to grow the mana and I have not detected that I take anything away. I’m in need of a dart to upload it but if it really does not do what it says in its description I think I’ll leave it at 70/3. For me it has a fault in its configuration

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I also fought agaist her in raid and my team got their mana full despite her speacial being on. What is she suppose to do?

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From my understanding she’s supposed to siphon % of mana gained kinda the way victor steals heals.

Wont lower ur heros mana or bring it to a full halt, just slows it down basically. She takes a % of the mana gained by your heros and keeps it for herself.

It’s all in the card


Maybe I have missunderstood, how mana is gained! :laughing: I thought, if hero is missing like 25% mana, he can only gain that and Onatel would steal some of that away. But parently you can gain more than 25%. That way hero couldn’t use his speacial at all, when she fires. This way she seems little pointless hero to level up.

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U can overgain mana i believe just like you can overkill a titan or hero

Not 100% sure on that though

But anyways, I’m not a number cruncher so breaking down how much mana is gained per tile and how much onatel steals per tile isn’t in my repertoire, revelate would be ideal candidate for that.

Basic: if onatel steals 25% mana gained
If u flip 8 tiles, she steals 2 tiles worth of mana but ur hero still gains 6 tiles worth of mana

Just like u can still get some heals if victor or morgans special is active, u just dont get as much

Basic gist of onatel special from my understanding

Havent fought her and dont have her, if i do I’ll see what happens

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I have made a revenge with one who had justice in the center, she resists justice but the rest of the allies do not. Therefore, according to his description, it is understood that mana is stealing all the heroes not only yellow. I imagine it is a configuration error and I hope that support solve it, but really this hero is just a piece of furniture with respect to the rest of the others, to be a hero of the month, is very undervalued and give him 770 power :joy::joy::joy: :joy::joy:

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Let me try a numeric example to show how Onatel,is supposed to work.

All heroes need 100% mana to fire. On offense a hero gains mana per matched-color tile; the amount gained depends on the mana speed of the hero. An Average hero takes ten tiles to charge, so normally each tile adds 10% to the hero’s mana pool.

Suppose your Grimm is at 40% mana, then gets hit by the opposing Onatel. You drop a blue match-3 next round. Normally you would get 3 * 10% = 30 points of mana, taking Grimm to 70%. But Onatel drops that to 30 * 75% = 22.5%, bringing your Grimm to 62.5%. Onatel gains the missing 7.5% herself.

Next round, you make another blue match-3. Onatel now gets half of all mana gained, so your Grimm and Onatel each get 15 points of mana, bringing your Grimm to 62.5+15=77.5%. Note that, without Onatel’s effect, your Grimm would now be fully charged and ready to fire.

Third round, you make a blue match-5. Normally your Grimm would get 50% mana, but now he only gets one-quarter of that, or 12.5%, bringing his mana up to 90%. Oops, still one tile short of firing. Onatel gets the other 37.5%, so you’ve now given her 60% mana (plus whatever she gained from normal sources, like tiles dropping on her).

I hope this helps clarify how her mechanics work. Sorry for all the match, but there’s really no way around that.

Random additional thought: Onatel will be great facing an Alberich.


Let’s see, I think I have not understood, onatel to date is only working with yellow heroes, the rest does not do anything, however much you want to give examples and others, I’ve been playing empires since March 2017, what I’m talking about

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Are you testing her in raids or just farming levels?

In raidsempires

Onatel can only siphon mana from enemies with mana bars, so using her on map against mobs with no mana bars, is basically a waste. Her use is best in off raids, once she gets going your basically going to have her ready to fire every 4 turns no matter what tiles you fire at opponents

Remember your gaining mana from 3 opponents not just 1, so against dark tank in a yellow stack you can kill the tank then fire her to left side, watch her mana climb fire her right side, and repeat, on 3rd and 4th turn you can throw as many tiles as you like at pretty much know no specials are getting fired back

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