Onatel New Bug

Please fixed this. I killed Onatel but her ailment remained on my heroes after she died. This caused me to lose the match. Smh…

this ailment always stays until the next move, even if she’s already dead during your move…
on the next move it disappears…
or, if it was like you said, who was stealing your mana then, while she was dead already? :wink:

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I think what killed you was that Gravy was full of mana and Iam pretty sure the next move charged Kage. Ariel is far away from getting charged and the board is not on your side.

Has Onatel beeing killed that turn?
If so, the damage stopps the turn after you killed her.

Incorrect. As soon as Onatel dies the ailment is removed. This ailment stayed on my heroes 2 moves after she died. It’s a bug…period.

I use Onatel every day in offence and face her most days in defence teams and haven’t come across this bug.

Obviously not helpful to confirming your thing but can confirm that I haven’t seen it.

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