Onatel, Natalya, Inari and Mitsuko.. one Damascus Blade

Hi everyone…

If let say you have these four heroes… with everything ready to ascend them, but only one Damascus Blade. Who will you choose?

  1. Tank is not needed. Ursena is being used with very good result in both Defense War and Defense Arena.

  2. Focus is on Offense.

  3. My weakest color is Yellow as I have literally no good heroes in Yellow either in 4* or 5*. I have a lot of orbs though but I refused to use them on Chao, Danzaburo or Hu Tao. I also have Leonidas but I’m not convinced to give him my darts (I only ascend my 5* if I have enough to ascend two… like the time with Kingston… I have 12 Tonics so only then did I ascend him to max).

My only maxed Yellow are Wu Kong and Li Xiu (which I actually regret maxing). However as a result… my Titan score against a Purple Titan is extremely low. Compared to against Green / Blue Titan (which I can easily achieved 40k per flag) I am only able to do 10k to 15k per flag. Sometimes even lower. So this might need to be taken into consideration as well.

On to the heroes…
Natalya seems good with her -54 mana control but her damage takes 4 turns. Like Keridoc once said, “dead heroes cast no spell…” and Natalya can’t kill her enemy without taking 4 turns at least. She is very good for bosses in Events though I reckon, as her DoT aren’t affected by Defense point. Unlike Marjana +5 who is only able to do around 380 to 500 damage to Mother North in the last stage of Santa’s Challenge… Natalya will do absolute amount of 750!!

Onatel is hailed as one of the best Yellow tank apart from Guinevere but honestly I have never had any problem when facing her as tanks unless I have an extremely bad board. Not sure if she is good in Offense. Is she?

Inari. I don’t know what to do with her. If you think ascending her is a good call then there will be a lot of convincing to do.

Mitsuko. Not sure what to think of her as well. Faced her as a flank before but I brought 3 greens plus 2 purple back then and she didn’t pose a threat. Couldn’t even cast her special since I had my Lady of the Lake up and running before her due to green cascade happening. So not sure if she is a good hero. Convince me if its her.

Thanks guys… your helps are very appreciated.

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I have had Onatel, Natalya, and Inari fully leveled for a long time and the only one I use regularly is Onatel. She is good on offense raids in a 3 stack. The mana reduction is very useful if used correctly. I truly dislike Natalya… she does not fit my play style. Inari is okay I guess but also does not fit my play style.



I know you are looking to beef up your Holy team… completely understand, sucks to have a weak spot, even I have them still in regards to classes. My personal results is MITSUKO reigns supreme in the ICE-verse. Inari can be a game changer. Onatel is amazing and regularly destroy me (she can still wreck me sometimes lol - and she is diverse in her positioning like a Gravemaker on Defense). You said your focus is on offense and you are solid with I think you meant Athena… Sorry I can’t be more thorough at the moment but glimpsed this and had to respond. I don’t own Onatel (whom I stalked at release and did massive testing and tracking on) or Natalya (she is IMO the weakest choice of the 4 - I would level all of them).

I just happened to post the following videos:


Spoiler alert on vid - I take her in every case there is 1 or more ICE attack hero across from me (I’d love to have 2-3 of her for war). Finley is one of the most destructive heroes to come along… well since Urs lol. He can take out 2, 3 sometimes 4 at a time and they can still be healthy heroes at the time of check out. Well, there is one hero in our deck the has “I AM the DEATH of FINLEY” firmly etched into her chest…"


A lot of players say her special is a gimmick or a toy to be played with - not to be taken seriously. They agree her tile damage is good - Duh! This is just a glimpse. Full's don't occur all the time. Enough to be considered a 'game-changer' in my book.

No readily available videos on Onatel - again she is also Amazing. Sorry. Again you can’t go wrong with these 3 at all, I’d slightly hesitate on Nat only for a short time and would then pop her!




I must also commend you on your choice in music. Haven’t heard that bit of Cars nostalgia for many a year. Well played!!

P.S any Puns were unintended and not harmed in the making of this post.

P.P.S Why was no one ever “Rick Ocasek’d” back in the day?..oh right, no internet…thank Al Gore that he invented THAT :joy:


If your yellows are lacking, go Onatel (and Chao!).
She is hailed as a very strong offensive hero and although I don’t see her at tank, she can be a troublesome flank.

I’m not sure why you don’t like Li Xiu. She is probably the default holy tank in the 4* arena. Very robust, average speed, hits all, drops mana on all. She is not an offensive superstar certainly but makes a good support player if you need a second or third holy in your stack.


Thank you for the response… So now its between Mitsuko and Onatel…

Thank you @Razor

Always a fan of Titanmafia (especially the Ace reviews) and your Hero Utility. Those are great help.

Yup my Yellows are extremely lacking. The reason I dislike Li Xiu and Chao is because of their lack of damage. Li Xiu is extremely powerful as a tank and that was the reason why I choose to ascend her back then because I am severely lacking in 5* tanks.

But the very same week I gave her the Orbs… I drew Ursena from Atlantis Portal and maxed her the following day. Ursena has been my tank since then and it took me a very long time (almost 3 months) to max Li Xiu (only level her up when I have excessive feeders not in use because having a hero already at Tier 4 but not max gives a bad taste in my mouth.

I saw both Li Xiu and Chao as mana controller… but at this stage I already have good mana controller in the form of Proteus and Lady of the Lake both maxed and emblem. Hence why I am not interested in maxing any yellow unless they are good in Offense.

Thanks for your response.

For now I have decided to go for Onatel first and Mitsuko will follow close since I really like what I saw in @Razor 's video lol…

Inari and Natalya will have to stay on the bench for now. Unless Farholme comes again and I have another Damascus Blade at hand.


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