Onatel mana talent grid boost not working

I recently added lv 19 talent grid to my Onatel. The 2% mana boost. Onatel is average mana speed. Combining an average mana hero with the 2% grid mana boost along with a lv 11 mana troop should fill the mana bar with 9 tiles instead of the normal 10. It works this way with all my other average speed heroes. But Onatel’s bar comes up JUST short somehow.

Average heroes normally charge in 10 tiles. To get to 9 they need an 11.11111% increase.

Rounds up to 12%

A level 11 mana troop gives you 9% mana. Mana bonus from node 19 gives 2%

9-2 = 11 < 11.11111

Thus, “just short”

This is why an average mana hero normally needs a L23 mana troop; a L17 comes up JUST short.



Just like @Guvnor said… Mana Node Wizard is 2%, and it need Mana Troop Level 17 not 11.


Ok, thanks for the answer and that handy grid. I finally figured out what I was missing. My 3 other average heroes that work this way are Wu who gets +4 as a monk. And costumed melendor and rigard. Who both are +2 like Onatel but get the costume mana bonus +5 also. I had totally forgotten about the costume mana bonus. If I had realized that I would have chosen the other path for Onatel, but I’m not gonna reset her for it.

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