Onatel Loop?

Something random that popped into my head while reading this thread:

Situation 1

Suppose that I bring Onatel to a raid against a defending Onatel. Both Onatels use their specials on each other, so they’re both theoretically stealing mana from each other.

Situation 2

Suppose that I bring Onatel to a battle where her special could be reflected (rare yellow titan, Guardian Owl boss during the Guardians event, or when a defending Ursena has her holy reflect buff on). If Onatel’s special is reflected back at her, she would theoretically be stealing mana from herself.

In either situation, does this create an infinite loop? In other words, Onatel gains mana, which triggers the mana steal, which causes Onatel to gain mana, which triggers the mana steal…

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Here’s some previous conversation as a starting point:


Observations when playing would seem to indicate that the effect doesn’t nest…but now I may have to pay closer attention to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

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History – initially reflect yellow enemies broke Onatel:

This should be fixed by now according to Staff.

Wow? That’s a lot of interesting conversation @zephyr1!! Thanks for linking!


My Onatel does not appear ever steal any mana from anyone!?!?!?