Onatel, Joon, Leonidas or Justice

My current raid defence is:

Domitia +6, Onatel +7, Richard © +7, Red Hood +7 and Kadilen +7.

I also have:
Grazul +3, Magni +5, Justice +2, Quintus © +7.
And will be going to ascend Elkanen to 4/1 now that I have all the mats and couldn’t pull Telluria.

However, I also have the mats to fully level one more yellow 5* from the following:

2nd Onatel
2nd Justice

Who do you think would be my best bet?

Joon for titan and war attacks… or you could wait to have some more darts and do both or wait to see how Leonidas’ costume will be and then decide.

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Joon given that lineup. More sniping won’t hurt at this point.

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Wait for Molasi? Maybe?

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Joon… i would emblem him and swap for onatel on def. Though he needs to be a wing. Domitia can move to flank.

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