Onatel is a disappointment

How is possible that you developers have done something like this. At the card you make a long statement for onatel special and you state that she will steal the generated mana of the target and nearby enemies starting low and increasing till all the mana is stolen. I loved that advertisment at the hero board and spent money for something totaly different from what the hero card states… onatel doesnt steal nothing from the enemys mana especialy all of it, she just generates a bit more mana than normal. No stealing!!! She generates more mana herself as the enemy generates mana normally. And for me, this is a fraud case from SG to the players of the game. Developers please fix this issue and make it as you state at the game card. Payed money for gems to get what i thought a great hero and i find myself with a hero below avarage with bad special. Am i the only one that thinks like this???

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