Onatel glitch?

I swear I’m not high or drunk but was raising against her in tank and on the first turn after her special fired (not 4th) none of her victims gained mana. She stole 100%. This was a massive cascade of greens from mother north. She had zero mana.
Wth? I have seem this before but didn’t pay attention. Something is broken. Played a rematch. 1st turn hit a 9 gem cascade, and got such a small amount. 2nd turn…zero again. What’s going on?

Any chance your opponent had Proteus, Hel or any other hero blocking mana generation?


Honestly don’t recall, but she was tank and no one else had fired off a special so that would be near impossible.

My point is something weird is happening. She’s not ordinarily that tough, but I was just perplexed to see all those green cascades and MN not getting ANY mana. Tried again, similar thing.

I would try to catch it on video if you can. Generally the best way to confirm a glitch like that.

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I just raided against a team with an Onatel tank myself. Did not see the issue. Not saying it didn’t happen just may not be game wide


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