Onatel doesn't steal mana

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding how the special of bird box should work but I understood it to steal mana? I took her into season 2 to try her out, the first use was against a boss that was ready to go off so I set her out and nothing happened, the boss still hit me. At that point I figured I misunderstood the special. I tried again in season 2 and set her off against a boss that had much less mana and it still gained mana until I eventually killed it as it gained mana. Please correct me on how this special is intended to work please?

She steals Mana generated after hitting enemies with tiles.

25% of Mana generated on first turn, 50% second turn, 75% third turn, 100% fourth turn.

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@justeric78 You’re not along in the confusion about how she works, see this thread (and @KLinMayhem explained well above too) :

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Please see the responses in the linked threads.

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