Onatel bugged

Anyone else noticing that Onatel will take mana after death? I finally caught a snapshot of it.

Unfortunately not a bug… Just an idiosyncracy to do with how “Dead” heroes are treated & Status Ailments are configured.

An enemy hero is not considered “dead” by the game until the END of a series of play… So what I mean by this is that when you kill an enemy hero with tiles, even if you kill them with the first 1-2 tiles that hit them, all further cascaded tiles will also “hit” the enemy hero… Until the cascade ends, the hero is not considered “dead”.

What this then translates on-to is that Onatel’s Mana Steal will remain in effect until AFTER your tile cascade has fully completed…

It’s worth noting:
What the computer is looking for is a “break” in play… This is either handing “control” back to the user OR switching sides. In this “break” in play, dead heroes become dead. In the “break” between two teams turns, status ailments/effects are triggered (e.g. burns, Heal over time, poison etc…)

Example of a break in play is AFTER a hero special use (when you can trigger a new hero special or make a match on the board) or after the end of a tile cascade.

Example of NOT a break in play is in the middle of a tile cascade…

Hope this makes sense.


I’ve seen it where it’ll continue for more than one completed turn.

Personally haven’t seen that… (use onatel a bunch & face her fairly often).

Do you have Screenshots or (better) a video?

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I haven’t used Onatel on my team yet as she’s not maxes yet but I’ve only noticed it when I’m the attacker.
It took me about 3 weeks just to have the opportunity to get this snapshot and haven’t the motivation to dl the app to video record it.
Just hoping to have others take notice and confirm what I’ve seen.

Fair enough… I’ll keep an eye out in both offence & defence but SO FAR all i’ve seen is the status ailment disappearing at the end of the turn in which Onatel is killed (as intended)

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Also, as you can see, Onatel isn’t there because she was killed by my previous tile attack. Unless you’re saying that her special continues even when she’s killed off from my previous tile attack. That snapshot was taken when she wasn’t on the board.

I’m saying that until there is an END to the cascade, the game doesn’t register her as “dead”

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Yeah, well, that was a full turn after she was dead. She’s not in the snapshot as you can see.


this is what is happening (…or not happening until end of turn ^^)

Seen it happen as well while raiding her.
And not sure if this is a bug or as intended.
As the effect cannot be dispelled, I guess the loss in mana is evident. But what I fear is that the mana is gained and once revived by MN or Alby she is ready to go. Have not been able to test that is it did not happen to me yet but will try to keep an eye open for this moment.

Yes, I realize that 0val, read the thread. Sometimes she takes mana even after a full turn after death.

Happened again today. Here’s a snapshot. This was at least 2 turns after her death.

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