Onatel bugged with yellow reflection

I was just doing the challenging event, and attacking with Onatel on the offense team. My Onatel’s mana stucked at roughly 90%, and wouldn’t gain any mana beyond that point. The game won’t allow me to use mana potion on her as well - thinking she is at full mana.

Please fix this bug!!!

Do you have a screenshot?

This challenge event reflect any skills from yellow/holy hero when aimed at yellow opponent. Did you use her skill against yellow opponent? The status will be reflected back at her, resulting in her mana regeneration becoming very slow. I don’t know whether it can be slow enough to the point that it completely zero though.

Don’t use yellow/holy hero on this challenge event, that is suicide.

Added screenshot to OP.

I did cast her skill on yellow reflecting monsters. The debuff already wear off by the time I noticed this bug and took the screenshot. You can see that my Onatel doesn’t even have any debuff on her. Connecting yellow tiles doesn’t gain her mana, and mana potion is disallowed, and Misandra skill doesn’t work on her either.

Thanks for suggesting to not bring yellow on this challenging event. I used her because she is the only decent mana control hero in my lineup.

P.S I just beat the final stage in legend with her. I consciously avoided using her skill on yellow reflecting monsters before I reached the final boss stage. I did use her skill against the final boss, the skill did get reflected but it didn’t bug this time. Maybe it has something to do with the number of reflects? There were only 1 yellow reflecting boss in the final stage, but I was casting her skill on 2 yellow reflecting monsters when it bugged.

Have you try to contact support:


I have encountered the same bug with Onatel on offense. This happened on a regular raid, posting video.

For reference the full opponent’s team.

I am on the latest client.

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Thanks for the heads up, I’ll send a message to the Staff to check out the video.

@Traxanas @zephyr1

We are looking into this; thanks for reporting the issue!


Thanks for the update and investigating, @Sara!

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We’ll be fixing this bug in our next update! Please note that this issue should be quite rare.


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