Onatel bug

I had three opponents left in a 2-1 split. Onatel’s special was on the one with 1 turn left, and Onatel was charged. Hit the 2 with her special. The next turn all three lost her effects when only one should have.

None of their heroes had cleanse, and the initial effect was applied to the 2. Seems like when the counter reached zero of the one, the logic removed the effect from all.

It’s a long shot, but was it a magic night Atlantis level? In those levels, her special gives 100% mana steal for one turn.

Cleanse doesn’t remove Onatel’s effect.

I know…I just didn’t want to deal with that question.

It was a raid. 20 characters

It happened again. Again on a raid. It was a one one split with Joon on the far left and Kad on the far right. Ona had the mana drain on Joon with 1 turn left, and I put a new mana drain on Kad. When Joons went away so did Kads.

I suspect it may be rare when someone splits Onatels special like that, and it doesn’t seem to be bugged everytime I do it, just occasionally.

I didn’t notice it yet.
I should look more carefully at it, as I use her currently on all my raid’s.

If you do see it, please let us know. I am now going to be taking a screenshot every time I split her attack like that. Like I said it doesn’t happen every time, so it going to be hard to track down the why’s.

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