Onatel broken in Rush Attack War?

Using Onatel in Rush Attack during war today, my first move was a 3 tile match of yellow. Onatel was immediately able to use her special. Renvir was next to her and wasn’t able to fire. I used Onatel’s attack, made another yellow 3 match and Onatel’s special was available again. This time I was on the benefit side, but I would hate to have to go up against this for fairness sake. (BTW, Her troop buff had a 7%mana boost, Renvir’s was 10%).

All heroes have very fast mana in rush wars. The difference of charging speeds could depend on the troop that each hero has.

The OP’'s comparison shows something was weird! Agreed at the current war all were very fast, but Ranvir originally fast and Onatel average ( 7%mana troop boost on Onat and +9 % mana troop boost on Ranvir), at worst both should charge concurrently…

OP needs to confirm the troop on Ranvir…not sure there is 10% mana boost from troop!

I didn’t read that.:man_facepalming:t4:

Then I agree. Ranvir should’ve loaded first.:man_shrugging:t4:

Not if a simple 3-tile match fills Onatel’s mana bar. All heroes mana speed changed to VF, 7 tiles to fill mana and 4 tiles ghosting. +7% mana bonus from troop is insufficient for her to drop a tile. That is glitchy.

But, I did use my Onatel earlier in a mono stack against one of the 2 Alfrike tanks I hit earlier. Did not notice such glitch.

Does Onatel have the + mana talent activated in her talent tree?

Can you please clarify that after matching ONLY 3 yellow tiles, Onatel was ready to fire? That is how I read what you posted.

That’s how I interpreted the OP. In no way can the first move matching 3 favorable tiles simply would charge the mana of an average hero on the first turn. Unless the hit is for cleanup and the yellow tiles are ghosted as the first move. But the supporting mana troop is only at between level 5 and level 10, providing +7% mana bonus and even if his Onatel opted for the mana bonus on the 19th node on the talent tree, it is still insufficient to shave off a tile on a very fast mana. Unless the first move matching 3 yellow tiles resulted to a few cascades of some yellow tiles. But Ranvir should have charged his mana at the same time with Onatel. Unless…

You are correct. 9% on Ranvir. My bad

Yes. It was my very first hit of the battle. I matched 3 yellow tiles, and only 3 yellow tiles. There were no cascades…not even a second match. The opposing team was complete, so there was NO ghosting.

Yes me too noticed that in this war with my alt account. She fired 4 times from the flank, where the tank which took more tiles charged only twice!!! Surely Onatel is broken.!!!

On defense is a different scenario ; note that if she fires once, she will be draining manas from your heroes therefore next turn she fires faster…

Sorry to make you repeat that but, wow. Just wow. Glad I didn’t face her during the war.

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