Onatel, best hero idea

I’m liking onatel. Watch Delilah on the right…


She’s like 6th in line for emblems. And that rank probably doesn’t change if you have Proteus/Merlin instead of Hel… So yeah. I don’t have her yet. I was waiting for Atlantis. Now, I’m thinking I’m going to be pretty stingy on Atlantis this month unless there’s something amazing there.

An alliance mate just brought up a thought provoking question, and I’m sure it can be answered, but i’m not clever enough. What happens if your Onatel is ready to fire her special, and the Enemy’s Onatel targets your Onatel with their special, you retaliate with your Onatel’s special, and now you are both under the mana steal. Let’s assume all maxed stats. Now, what happens with you hit their Onatel with 5 yellow tiles?

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@Kerridoc wondered the same thing a little bit up in this thread:

I haven’t seen anyone with a definitive answer yet, though.

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My Ally and I concluded they would have to cancel out each other’s mana steal on each other unless they can steal the stolen mana gained. But that seems too difficult to program.

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I assume they both continue to follow their own rules as if the other Onatel is any other hero.

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It wont cancel out because the mana gain is based upon how many times the enemy is hit/tile damage.

If you have 2 Onatels facing each other and the fired at the same time, their mana steal would still work BUT the A.I and you will have a different “board/tile setup” and different nearby heroes that gain mana at a different rate therefore both Onatels stealing/gaining mana at two different rates.

So no, the game does not go in an infinite loop nor does earth freeze in time lol

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Lol, i really love this forum.
I saw people complain about Inari (monster attack, possibly monster skill) but not yet about Onatel (stats of a tank but not a great tank, special that require a lot of tactic and patience).

I mean, i’m happy to see people are ok with Onatel, can’t understand the complains before about Inari.
If i have to choose, i pick Inari everyday of the week and twice on sunday.

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we aren’t speculating on a battle overall though. We’re talking about 1 hit. Both Onatels are stealing each other’s “mana gained” at the same rate. Both gain mana at the same rate naturally with tiles, you swipe 5 yellow tiles in a line at Onatel. What happens?

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The Onatel that sent the 5 tiles will gain more mana because she is not only gaining the 5 tile damage (normal mana increase) but she also gains the mana steal while the OTHER Onatel only gains the mana steal

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Someone with better skills in infinite series can figure this out, but here’s the series:

p = Spell effect on my Onatal (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
q = Spell effect on foe’s Onatel

then the mana my Onatel gains per tile (expressed in tiles) is:

p - pq + (p^2q - p^2q^2) + (p^3q^2 - p^3q^3) + …

So this:


Sounds like a pretty good team I would go with Azlar! Over Khagan


I just saw the first maxed onatel tank in top 10

Wierd though that Santa is not tanking…
What are your thoughts?


To chime in about Onatel as a “best hero idea”…

Just got done with a war attack. Had a team of *5s against enemy’s *5s. Bad board, yet enough tiles to keep onatel firing and my yellows afloat. Somehow managed to take out all their heroes except Vivica before DOT took out all of mine except Onatel.

It turned into a slug-fest between Onatel and Vivica, with Vivica healing and getting the field aid.

Onatel’s tile hitting mana steal prevented Vivica’s final heal and allowed me to win. That was a good feeling. Any other hero wouldn’t have clinched the win with the board had.

There’s nothing better in this game, when playing a board, than your hero winning because of their intended design/special skill. Especially when it’s a niche skill that requires strategy to wield well.

It’s along the lines of setting off Rigard at the last second before Azlar’s DOT wins it for the enemy.

Definitely a good hero to have.


I found another Onatel in raids finally. I took a video of the whole raid. At 4:45, you can see the enemy Onatel’s mana charge slightly more after the tile mana stacked. Mine does the same. They were not the same level, but if cancelling out occurred, the enemy Onatel wouldn’t have stolen any mana because my Onatel was stronger. I think it’s a infinite series that converges on 1 since we’re dealing with fractions. That being said, we know from troops calculations that mana rounds up, so they would steal mana as though no one was stealing it back from them. But tell me what you think.

This is my first video, btw, and I dont have any fancy recording stuff, just what comes built into my phone, and I debated posting it, but I had to share my data. Please do the same if you have a similar raid.


Do you guys use 2+ Holy to use Onatel healing effect? I have Joon with her because he’s strong but I think the 4% healing is not worth it.

I Like the heroes I have but I would like to have at least 1 powerful one on each class, unfortunately my 2 5S are Holy, Onatel and Joon.

I Use
Little John/Tiburtus - Boldtusk - Onatel - Kiril - Joon

Does the order of the heroes matter when playing by yourself?

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Sometimes on offensive raids. Not on defense because of the purples that can be used to color stack. Then again it depends on your roster. Guin and onatel might be useful.

Sometimes, I stacker with Justice in raids and against titans with Justice and Li Xiu. I’m also working on my wu that will of course stack for titans.

Edit: and/or Gretel if I want extra mana control

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I’ll take a whack at it.

We can rewrite the equation as:

mana = p(1 – q) + p^2q(1-q) + p^3q^2(1-q) + …


mana = p(1-q) * (1 + sum{n=1…inf}(p^n * q^n))

Now, the closed form for sum{n=1…inf}(p^n * q^n) is:

sum{n=1…inf}(p^n * q^n) = pq/(1-pq)

So the overall closed form is:

mana = p(1-q) * (1 + sum{n=1…inf}(p^n * q^n))

mana = p(1-q) * (1 + pq/(1-pq))

 mana = p(1-q)/(1-pq)

So, for instance p=.5, q=.25

mana = .5 * (.75) / (.875)
mana = 0.429 of a tile

The big thing to note, though, is that the infinite series is divergent if both p and q are 1.

Edit: corrected an error in the math


My head just exploded.