Onatel, best hero idea


Onatel as tank? Good idea. I wish more Onatel on tank. Game will be easier :slight_smile:


Well, when she is there I hope you can find and raid me then :slight_smile:


i have a ton of yellow so she will be sitting at 3 of 70 while waiting on ascension items but per my roster and playstyle she will be capped before i cap guinevere but thats just me. i have ares so onatel will give me more versatility than guin

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I hope so :wink:
20 signs

When i find Onatel, i allways attack :slight_smile: this is a 99%. victory. More than Aegir’s tank.

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Do you have a few videos to share? I am not really satisfied with what is avlb on YouTube.


See, e.g. Tima's "Unofficial" Official Guide to Speed Levelling


This is my plan to do. I should be able to bring her until Sunday to 3/70. So I should be able to use her in the war on the upcoming weekend maybe also on Wednesday.


I don’t have any unfortunately.

I can try to get one made possibly later or tomorrow.

I have been meaning to but game time has been sporadic lately.


@Rockstar9280 Thank you in advance for the video

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@Kerridoc Thanks for the advise.


This may or may not help you, as I’m unaware of your team lvl

I’m 5 months into the game, so at the beginning of Jan I was 4 months in and just managed to get a rainbow 5 x 4* max def into place

On the 2nd of Jan I did 2 x 300 pull and luckily on 1 received the bonus draw… Being vc2p (only vip for 3 months) I knew my 5* chances were slim, so took the immediate decision to lvl onatel as I had all the mats

After 3 weeks hard slog, I did indeed max her at 4/80, up until this I only used her in off, it’s where I find she excels in a holy stack with a Chao (or any of mana controller)

I was using buddy as my tank and he managed to safely keep me in the 1950-2100 cup range, I found chests easy to fill in raids usually 8/9 raids, I thought I’d try onatel out for a few days as my tank, I knew to get max value she needed a holy hero with her, so my def was

caedmon kiril onatel buddy chao

Yes I know that’s 2holy and 2nature not advised in a def, but you work with what you’ve got.

Anyway I now wake up with 2300 cups on average, and can now almost guarantee a diamond chest twice a day. Now is this just because any 4/80 hero at my lvl will greatly improve my team, well yes I guess, but I’m of the firm belief onatel and her special is greatly underestimated on def, will the ai use her perfectly no, but if she gets going watchout

So in short I love her, in off I target her to left or right flank depending on what side of the board is stronger tile wise. If my stacked colour is on the right fire left and for the next 2 turns use your good tiles, then on turn 3 and 4 I clear the left side under her special, this charges her to max and boom of she goes again


So any reservations on onatel for defense if you consider near future atlantis sea gawd mana neutralizer?

Smart person mentioned this beta hero and now I’m back on the fence. I still think onatel is awesome for raids and titans, but she seems to have her kryptonite coming soon.


If i remember correctly only one Atlantean was immune to mana specials and he is yellow.
Well, 24 days and we can know for sure, but i think Onatel´s reign won´t be short lived


I finaly got my Onatel to 80 today. Im excitted to see how she will do on decence.

Im a little dissapointed in the “B” defence and tank rating. I will have to see how she does.
Any thoughts.

Place your votes?


First team look better for me


I guess with many top alliance players stacking Dark against Guin on a daily basis, Onatel would seem pretty easy.

Have faced Onatel a few times and found her to be tougher when she’s flanking than tanking. Not lost to a team with Onatel yet though… Would appreciate your comments on which position is better for her after you’ve tested it out in your raid defense.

That aside, I have Vivica moving up but was wondering if I should stop her at 3/70 and start on Onatel? Have enough darts to max one 5* yellow.


The only thing is that Zimkitha is a buffer, so good for left, and a cleanser so good for left as well.

I’d run her in the left wing over the right wing and run a different hero in the right wing such as zeline (because her attack debuff doesn’t affect future hits that turn).

But it depends on who you have to run on the right wing.

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Personally I would run Onatel over vivica in any scenario.

She is decent as a flank depending on who the tank is.

For example I have Ariel maxed, she would be devastating with Onatel on either flank, or even both flanks.

The thing with Onatel is the earlier she fires the more devastating she is, firing early prevents the opponent from gaining as much mana allowing your other defense members to fire before the enemy.

The thing is she doesn’t pair well at all with Proteus, Hel, Little John ect., anyone who slows down enemy mana gain hurts Onatels mana gain.

Good pairings are Guinevere, Leonidas, Lixu, ect., any hero who straight reduces the amount of mana the enemy currently has.

For example kageburado middle with Guinevere and Onatel flanks would be brutal as well.


This is my current defense. Loving Santa as a super tank. In-battle defense is over 1,000.

I’d like to utilize Onatel more- I know she’s a great hero. But I’m not sure how I’d utilize her. Would she have a good place on this defense? I don’t have many other 5* to work with. (Khiona is my only purple, and my only green 5* is Atomos…)

Thanks for any insight! :slight_smile:

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That defence team looks great i would not change a thing at this point with the hero’s you have! P.s. I also run a Santa tank.

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